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  • In the end Vietnam is best if the Council of Hanoi is allowed to form a independent Vietnam. We must help them against Japan if it must be.

    If you are committed to justice and a independent Vietnam then you will forgo any attempt by the Japanese and its allowances to hinder Vietnam's only hope: the Council of Hanoi.
    If you are talking about the HMS Rosemary incident then just keep calm and wait for more information to be released, you shouldn't make any rash actions on as scarce information as we have. Right now I'm digging up more info on what happened but unless France goes to war with Japan or Christos declares he has nuclear weapons you should wait and see how this develops.
    Not sure if you caught it, but I wrote briefly that Austrian firms producing bioplastics were signing agreements with biofuel companies based in Ireland to work together. Hopefully this will bring our nations closer together. :)

    (IOT XIV, on the offchance you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about) :p
    It's your first time, it's OK. You're doing a hell of a lot better than I did the first few times. You're making coherent sentences and you are following basic grammar and capitalization. :p

    You're doing a great job with Ireland as a whole, and that would had been a great interview except for the whole trying to tell me what I'm doing part.

    Just, in the future, I would ask a person what their society is before trying to say what their society is. It prevents issues like this from happening in the first place. But don't beat yourself over this. You belong in IOTing, and I'd hate to see you leave over just this.
    Speaking of which: in that map, I'll be stuck next to Montyzilla, and I've seen America get swallowed up by the Aztecs too many times. You think I should try to make them my allies? Or just destroy them as soon as possible?
    Sounds like it could be interesting. I haven't considered doing the 18Civs map, but it sounds like a pretty good plan to me.
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