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  1. Laurana Kanan

    CIVILIZATION VI Symphony (Incl. Baba Yetu) | Live from the National Theater of Korea

    The award-winning music of Sid Meier's Civilization VI is reimagined in a full symphony by @FLASIC. Watch the first musical performance ever dedicated to Civilization in Korea! I know this part was for Civ4, but they were playing cinematics for Civ6 in the background. 😏 Baba Yetu, the Grammy...
  2. CGQ

    [BTS] New Shadow Game...But with several twists!

    Instead of the usual settings, I've been winning a lot of Immortal domination games lately so I decided to try a Terra map this time :D
  3. CGQ

    [BTS] How often do you re-load? I do it all the time and I want to know if I'm the only one

    I've played this game for the last 3 years and I can't tell you how many times I've raged/reloaded! I usually try to avoid re-loading. When I gamble for instance, fine. But... Lose a super-promoted great general in a 80-90% odds battle? Reload. Lose a settler to a bear? Reload. Mis-click...
  4. caveman78

    [BTS] Let's Play Caveman 2 Cosmos: Shaka of Zulu empire on Nightmare ++

    Hello everyone, I share my current Let's Play series for Caveman 2 Cosmos as Shaka the leader of the Zulu empire. I am already at video 63, releasing new videos roughly every other day. So join me in and have fun :) Entire playlist...
  5. Piquito2223

    [BTS] Who should I attack first?

    I'm playing as the Romans on Deity. I have low relationship with everyone and I happen to border Montezuma, Saladin and Huang. I know Montezuma is very aggressive and he's going to attack me eventually. But the same can be said about Huang and Saladin. Ragnar is also close to me. I could try...
  6. chadics

    [BTS] Some Units dont have shadows

    First, thank you so much for all the mods this community keeps alive The problem I have is with the Varietas Delecta mod Some units of the mod do not have shadows and I do not understand why, I saw that other graphic mods have the same problem with some units I already checked the XML and art...
  7. S

    [MOD] Standing armies scenario several gameplay changes made

    *technical problems mod causes. after mod is installed. weird graphics display after game switches between logo and intro cutscene. you should really set noIntroMovies to 1 in the ini file after installing this mod. I use a throttler on my computer so that could be it but its worth mentioning...
  8. MalayanGamer

    Does Late Chinese History is been overlook in this modding community?

    You know? i have thinking a something for a very long time, isn't me or that Late Chinese History is been overlook on this civ 4 modding community? I mean... that's is shame, because Modern Chinese like the Qing dynasty and Republic of China is always fascinating to me even more than any Time...
  9. Seraiel

    [BNW] Tried out the Trial version of CIV5

    I originally wanted to keep playing CIV4, and also will do so, because I found out, that it's still the best game of all times. Gameplay is just worth more than Graphics. But I tried, and the graphics are really nice. I' ll still stay with Civilization IV, maybe for all times, maybe only until...
  10. C

    Change the maximum number of civilizations in the game

    How can I increase max number of civilizations in the game? I would like to increase this to 100.
  11. Knightfall

    [BTS] I Think I Messed Up

    Trying out Civ IV again after a long break, and I find myself floundering yet again. I'm going for a Science Victory as Sumeria, and am now about halfway through the game, but I seem to be falling behind in almost every metric, and I can't see any way of arresting the decline. With that in mind...
  12. C

    [BTS] Earth with true starting points + 40 Civs mod

    This is a combination of the mods StartingPoints by TheJ and, 40Civs by Lt. Bob The combination of these two mods...
  13. Matsuda123

    [GRAPHICS] What If Unit Thread: Matsuda123, Kine100, and Mattem's Latest Additions

    That's right. After much talk, there have been some results. Matsuda123 (Models), Kine100 (Textures), and Matttem (Animation) have teamed up to create great new units for the Civilization IV community! :) The premise is as such: What would units (and possibly architecture) look like if cultures...
  14. MalayanGamer

    Rhye's and Fall: Realism Invictus

    What if you combined RFC with a mechanic and graphics of Realism Invictus?! Hah? Hah? Somebody?
  15. MalayanGamer

    Where's the new varietas delectat of this mod?

    I'm just curious where the heck are the varietas delectat of the rfc doc version 1.6? Add a beta version on Scourgeforge right now. No offense though Leorth.
  16. MalayanGamer

    Rhye's and Fall: Eurasia (ideas)

    What if we Combines Rhye's and Fall Europe, Asia and Classical World into one mod? Well that's the idea that i wish someone will made a Rhye's and Fall: Eurasia Why you want to do this? Because i really want a mod about Ancient Eurasian civilization but sadly i don't know how to modding or...
  17. M

    Can't save / load saved game to local disk

    Hi, I can't save / load saved game to local disk (C:\Users\.....\Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\Saves\single (I can save / load saved game to pendrive D:\). I play Civilization IV (complete edition) BTS (3.19 patch) Caveman 2 Cosmos (v37). Mod is installed correctly in BTS mod folder...
  18. topsecret

    Easterling Third Age Unit Pack (LOTR) 2017-01-02

    Here's a brand new unit pack containing 17 Easterling units from Middle-earth. (The warrior is not included - he can be found in ambrox62's warrior pack here.) These units are for my Middle-earth Mod. Feel free to use these in whatever mod you'd like. Discussion Thread Units (17) included...
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