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  1. Thorvald of Lym

    Historical Accuracy Upgrade

    Thanks to various user patches, many of Civ2's original engine limits have been overcome: a game map can cover over 30,000 tiles, thousands of units and hundreds of cities. Suffice to say, the original 20–30 city namelist average starts to feel inadequate. Several weeks ago I started musing...
  2. Matsuda123

    United Forces Battleship 2022-03-31

    The United Forces Battleship from The Legend of Korra. While I dislike the show compared to Avatar, this design was really great, and so I thought it would make for a useful Asian battleship flavor unit. Thanks to MightyToad for rigging, skinning, and animating. I made the model and prettied up...
  3. Trashperson

    Tradition (Up to date with Barbarian Clans update) 2.0

    Tradition is a simple flavour mod that renames several aspects of the game for accuracy and immersion, with all parts being modular in the settings. This mod's genesis was with how it always kinda bugged me that the legacy policy cards had such uninspired names, being just the government's name...
  4. Matsuda123

    Sino Walls 2020-07-19

    I really didn't like the Great Wall city wall graphics for Asian civs, so I took the East Asian Tower graphics from Chamaedrys, retextured it, and used the wall graphics from Walter Hawkwood's EU3 building pack 4: Far East. I think it works. If not, please contact me on how to fix it. I really...
  5. Matsuda123

    Sino Catapult 2020-07-19

    Finally, a flavor siege unit. Not too many of those around for catapults or trebuchets. :p Once more, Mightytoad did the skinning and rigging, as well as the animations. And he did a great job, as he always does. :) I did the modeling, and very slight touch ups to the texture. Mightytoad...
  6. md4

    [C3C] Flavouring improvements

    I want to experiment with flavors, and I thought a good starting point would be to have Babylon more predisposed to building courthouses in all their cities. I seem to remember reading in a thread (that I can no longer find) where somebody believed that the relationship number was such that 0%...
  7. Zefyrinus

    [C3C] Strange AI behavior

    I'm working on this scenario with 11 AI players. The first time I played it through, only three of the AIs built any city improvements, while the other eight only units. I'm going through a second playthrough now, and this time only one of the AI players is constructing any improvements, and...
  8. T

    Need some helping hands on this overhaul mod I have in mind [Civilized to Savagery]

    Ok, so, this mod gives the Civ V games some pretty interesting changes, among them are. A reworking of many Civ's unique traits, for example... Rome on top of their unique has a 33% chance to permanently gain the ability to build another civilization's unique when they successfully capture a...
  9. TheOneHitPupper

    MoreMusic (1950s-2000s)

    DOWNLOAD HERE (78.1MB) Adds in a bunch of new musicians and their respective great works. Modpack includes artists from the 1950s throughout the early 2000s. Some musicians have more than one great work. Mostly contains popular rock and doo wop. Includes 188 new Great Works of music as well...
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