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  1. fairmanfour

    Irish Civilisation and Alien Invasion! Mode

    So I had another idea about a new game mode that could be introduced, and it's actually one I had ages ago after playing a lot of Civilization Revolution on the PS3, but now I've fleshed it out. Any suggestions and amendments on balancing are welcome, and if anyone wants to make a mod of this...
  2. anonxanemone

    AI Razing City-State: Bug or Feature?

    AI attacking city-states is nothing new but one of the recent updates made AI have little to no reservation in razing city-states. When the developers introduced the function, they quoted the Maya for needing to keep cities close to their capital as per their ability so eliminating city-states...
  3. King Phaedron

    Even the Dead keep their Trade Deals

    So much in Civ6 has been done artificially in terms of the AI for other civs. Try doing this sometime: Take an original capital, leave opponent with one tiny city, make peace, setup a trade deal for some horses or iron, then let the player be defeated by barbarians, CS, loyalty, or another Civ...
  4. Sorenroy

    What Causes Global Warming (and Many Other Questions)?

    Hey all, I've been looking at older threads on global warming and have a couple of questions I don't think have yet been answered. First, where exactly does global warming come from? I know it comes from pollution, but I'm not sure if that only includes the pollution on the ground that...
  5. F

    Civ(ilians) Live and die - New population model, feedback wanted

    Warning: Massive block of text follows. TLDR; this is a different way of accounting for population in Civ, where population points die, and their creation is not based on food, along with a bunch of other stuff to revamp the game. Intro: So, this idea is for a wholesale change for how the...
  6. U

    How much "power" is enough?

    I see my cities can build a number of improvements that provide "power": coal, hydro, neucular. The game nor the instructions make it clear that the effects are additive, and there's no indication of how much more productive any of these will make the cities. Are they additive or is one working...
  7. tu_79

    How demands should scale on population?

    There's a debate going on on how to replace crime unhappiness, as apparently it is what is causing the big swings in happiness. But whatever is decided about that, currently demand scaling is reported as being too strict. The goal of the happiness system is twofold. For instance, it should serve...
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