Even the Dead keep their Trade Deals

King Phaedron

Oct 9, 2017
So much in Civ6 has been done artificially in terms of the AI for other civs.

Try doing this sometime: Take an original capital, leave opponent with one tiny city, make peace, setup a trade deal for some horses or iron, then let the player be defeated by barbarians, CS, loyalty, or another Civ

Guess what happens: I continue to get the 3 gold per turn from Cyrus even long after he was defeated and his final city razed by barbarians

He may be dead, but he still has to pay me... From what? What gold does he have?
Thats awfully nice of him seeing as I conquered the rest of his cities

AI can seem to run out of gold, but check back a few turns later
The whole thing is contrived and artificial, the trade deal has nothing to do with how much gold the AI has

I should NOT continue to get paid by a defeated player, it's absurd
The faction still exists, Cyrus just gets hidden from the lists of players you can talk to
If you make a deal, where you deliver something to him each turn, will you still have to send it to him in the afterlife?
probably I imagine he'll need the extra diplomatic favor in heaven or hell
The Egyptians believed you could take it with you, so I'll just slaughter some horses on his gravestone.

The Egyptians zealously mummified millions of animals, as if their souls were not safe with nature alone.
Fast forward a few hundred centuries and youll find Christians who think the dead rise from graves on the ressurection
I guess those cremated souls are out of luck.

As it is relevant now with Byzantines in the game, know this: Emperor Justinian arrested Pope Vigilius for teaching the Christian doctrine of Reincarnation, and it has been heresy ever since, yet it is easily proven with one scripture: Mark 10:29-30. Go and read that and try to interpret it in any other way

How does one get hundreds of extra mothers, fathers, sisters, brthers, homes, and fields in this age, and then everlasting life in the age to come?
But why would you think the leader is dead? Because he isnt, he can be liberated 3000 years later and after you take his/her last city, there is a movie with him talking about his defeat.

that being said, it is awkward the deal is stil going forward after his/her defeat
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