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game mode

  1. King Phaedron

    Game of Thrones

    Kings Landing to exist in game... as a city on turn 0... ruled by random player. All other players receive something else in compensation, perhaps a free settler. Presumes to rule over the whole game world... able to demand tributes successfully, all players must comply with tributes or declare...
  2. Z

    [NFP] Secret Societies Simple Balance

    I know that Nere has already built a mod that rebalances secret socities, but I feel that it goes too far and makes too many changes to the game mechanics. I would like a simpler one. It would be interesting if people posted their modding solutions to rebalance the secret societies, for getting...
  3. fairmanfour

    Romanian Civilisation and Gods and Monsters Mode

    So after posting my Irish Civilisation and Alien Invasion! Mode idea post, I ended up coming up with a similar game mode that could appear as early as the Ancient Era, and plays with the darker side of early faith, pantheons and religions; Monsters of myth and legend. Again, feedback is welcome...
  4. fairmanfour

    Irish Civilisation and Alien Invasion! Mode

    So I had another idea about a new game mode that could be introduced, and it's actually one I had ages ago after playing a lot of Civilization Revolution on the PS3, but now I've fleshed it out. Any suggestions and amendments on balancing are welcome, and if anyone wants to make a mod of this...
  5. MyopicCat

    Solitaire Sandbox 0.9 beta

    Solitaire Sandbox removes AI opponents, city states, barbarians and almost everything else with randomness in the game. The result is a peaceful solitaire game mode focused on economy building. Use it solo to improve the efficiency of your gameplay, or play an initial start you find online and...
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