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Is your city/place in Game of Thrones world-map? And which is it? ;)

No, I unfortunately do not see a city called "Albany" on the map.

Nor have I heard most of these cities in the context of real life. I didn't know King's Landing was a real city on Earth! I wonder if the Seven Kingdoms is still around, or if they turned into a constitutional monarchy or even rebranded themselves into the Seven Republics. Hopefully they aren't dealing with religious extremist attacks anymore; I heard they have a history of religious motivated bombings.
I would live near oldtown or starfall in that map i suposse. In any case the author didnt burn many neurons inventing names for the seas.
I suppose Ulthos
No, my town is too new to have any song of ice and fire equivalent
New ghis then.

Thinking further on it my city must necessarily be oldtown since in fact it is the oldest city in Westeros... :p
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