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graphics issues

  1. A

    I found a way to add custom requirements for an improvement (e.g., the combination of a feature and terrain). But I need help with the last step!

    Goal: I wanted to restrict farms to be on or next to wheat, rice, and maize. This is impossible with the hard coded requirements. Solution: In the database, I define and require a new terrain called "Farmland." I define the requirements I want in LUA, and when they are met, I set the terrain...
  2. md4

    [C3C] Color palette glitches

    I'm not liking my chances on this one, but as of tonight (after 1–2 months without issue) I am getting constant color palette glitching like so: See the bottom-right summary panel: Behold many icons (most notably under Masonry, Pottery, Construction): Of note, the icons change periodically...
  3. J

    [lua] TerrainBuilder.SetTerrainType() map actualisation problem

    Hi, I am running a script during OnGameTurnStarted() using TerrainBuilder.SetTerrainType() to change some of the terrain around the player. The script change the terrain without any problem e.g. Grasslands becoming Plains except the 3D graphics are not updated (they are updated in the...
  4. B

    [Vanilla] (Startup error) Failure to initialize renderers - Check DirectX Version and Graphics Settings

    Everytime I try to start my Vanilla Civ 4 game, an error code pops up that says "Failure to initialize renderers - Check DirectX version and Graphic Settings." My computer operates on Windows XP (service pack 3), and my DirectX version is 9.0c, as included with the CD-ROM. I have already ran...
  5. D

    [GS] Civ 6 not recognizing eGPU

    I bought an eGPU to help out my late 2013 macbook, but it is not selectable in Civ. I only see my old native GPU. Other games use the eGPU, but Civ 6 can't read it. Does anyone know how to force Civ to use the eGPU? I have 'Prefer External GPU' checked in the Get Info screen. Thanks!
  6. M

    [GS] Team map reveal problems

    I'm playing a LAN game with my friend, where we're on the same team. There's a problem occurring where he has revealed parts of the map, but it's not showing up on my game as revealed territory. Seemingly this only started occurring part-way through the game, as I can see his cities and some of...
  7. S

    [R&F] Game display error: blue and black

    I finally bought the game, having been waiting years for some DLC and a good sale before I made the purchase. I went to launch it and after about 5 minutes at the loading screen, I finally got the cinematic. Slow loading, but going fine so far. However once the cinematic stops playing it gives...
  8. M

    [Vanilla] Graphics Issues / 2k not answering me

    Hello! I bought and downloaded Civ6 two days ago from the steam shop (Pack with og games and 6 dlc civs). I launched the game and immediately I noticed a graphics issue. It is hard to describe it since I lack the necessary english vocabulary so I'm just gonna upload screenshots so you can see...
  9. G

    Tiles flickering?

    The problem is that tiles flicker from mid-game to end-game. This happen mainly on Algae and Miasma but also happens on generators if I have many worked tiles in view. It also seems to be more prominent on tiles affected by orbital units. The problem is ''un-persistent'' and vanish when I get...
  10. PonderThis

    Syracuse Civilization lead by Archimedes

    Description Leader: Archimedes Trait: The Great Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer, Inventor, and Astronomer Every turn that starts with a boostable technology being researched that has not been bosted has a 5% chance of a Eureka! moment resulting in that boost. Protip: Whenever you can, have a...
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