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  1. peter kosmas

    98 turns untill Independence , what does it mean?

    Hello i am playing the game of Colonization , and i get a message 98 turns untill independence. As far as i know , you declare independence by your own. Is there a time limit ? How can i avoid it ? I will not be yet ready , what happens at the game with this message or in 98 turns? Best Regards...
  2. Edmund Ironside

    What new countries will we see in the next 20 years

    In the last 20 years we had 5 new countries be recognized: East Timor, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo*, South Sudan. So which new countries will declare independence and be recognized** in the next 20 years? *Kosovo not universally recognized. **Recognized for the sake of simplicity is when over...
  3. Alexandre Torres

    [GS] South America after independence scenario

    South America after independence scenario Type Independent Scenario Requirements Gathering Storm expansion Status Playable Alpha. Latest Version on Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2222685158 Description It is the year 1822. Pick between Argentina, Brazil...
  4. cengiz

    If you lost all your cities. Don't Panic !!!

    Independence Mode If the player loose all cities ;to continue the game like a liberationist. When the cities lose the player become liberationist. It can live secretly in mountains, hils, forest and jungle with its 2 armies. In its citiers produce rebelder soldier al fin de asimilations. If it...
  5. Gueux

    Uprising Empire 1.0.0

    this mod adds many revolt types and citizen migration This mod doesn't need any DLC and is compatible with any DLC or mod old name of this mod was Loyalty++. THIS MOD IS A BETA AND IS NOT VERY STABLE At start of every game you will have to chose what players will be "killed", that mean they...
  6. Gussrrosa

    'Cede to independency' - Settle new cities and make them new civilizations

    Hello everyone! (i'm not a native speaker of english, so 'pardon' for any grammar mistakes i may commit) I was wondering if some skillful modder could enjoy the following idea (for civ6 or civ5): How about creating the ability to settle new cities and cede them to a new civilization? Basically...
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