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  1. modmod

    Modding - features explained from the modding perspective

    This topic primary for complex features, which are in most cases have an extensive DLL logic in the background. Intented to use for features like: Learning by doing, the future social progress system, etc... So for: how to modify large systems. Also for complex modding which not neccesary...
  2. modmod

    Modding - XML files/ tags/ values

    This topic intented to collect: Existing XML files in Civ4Col modded version Explain what the different tags/ lines intented to do in them. And how those tags CONNECTED TO different XML files/ tags. Treat this as modding resource for XML modders. By the way it helps to personalize the version...
  3. spincrus

    Replacing a single element in ArtDefs and replacing the original

    Hello everyone. I've looked high and low for a solution, but could not get anything to work. Only after two days of experimentation have I finally decided to post a question about this. I hope any solution that may come out of this may help the community. So I'm working on a mod where I've...
  4. Lukasdb

    DLC content modding

    Hello Everybody, I am trying to modify Poland for my GF as she is very annoyed with Jadwiga kind of lackluster skills. I tried the same methodology with Japan and Hojo and it worked just fine. I started to think, that accessing DLC data requires some extra string perhaps? Here's what I have...
  5. Ukoku

    [GS] A weird color bug on civilization icon on civilization selection menu

    Hello Everyone, Happy Christmas! So I had this weird bug on civilization icon on menu selection screen, and can't seem to figure it out. (Quit modding civ for couple month cause of it and now comeback still can't figure it out :sob: ) And this is one of the few last thing I need to fix before...
  6. PanDorsz

    [Vanilla] Asset Editor - missing assets

    Hi everyone, I started using ModBuddy yasterday and already am experiencing some issues with Asset Editor. The problem is that some assets are missing (or simply there is something wrong with them but I have no clue what) and when I try to use them in previewer a huge "!" mark shows up instead...
  7. benny0139

    [GS] Adding in textures to a new civ/leader mod

    Ive messed around with a new civ mod and got it running in game - I’m just unable to find how to add a leader/civ icon or any sort of loading screen art All the guides I can find are for rise and fall, any help would be appreciated As a side note - is the mod buddy new civ template working...
  8. AzraelZephyrian

    [MOD] Triggers file won't load

    I've been working on some custom units for a few weeks, and the night before last I set out to make a Tortuga tank (for shivs and uh....niggles?). I've got a nice mesh, I modified the skeleton according to Deliverator's instructions to get the turret and gun joints in the right place, and when...
  9. P

    Help - Basics: Ancient Era Buildings - SOLVED

    So I'm still super new to this modding thing, and I decided to start out using the Civ IV Modbuddy program. I tried to use it but when I load into the game, the building made here doesn't appear in the game. If I add "PrereqTech="TECH_SAILING"" it will show up, but the whole point of the mod I'm...
  10. Bender-Zadunaysky

    [Vanilla] Need help

    I have ready artworks (leader and background) for my modded leader, but I can't build a mod project in ModBuddy after Keniisu and Josh Atkins's video tutorials (errors with Asset Editor). I need a some advices about coding and artwork uploading. Also I'm looking for useful links. MY LEADER WILL...
  11. M

    UU is Invisible ingame

    Hi everyone, so I recently started undertaking a mod project and I'm currently in the midst of finishing up my first Civilization in the mod collection. For testing purposes I have tried to add a unit from Deliverator's MOAR Units mod and I seem to be having a few issues. I've gone over the...
  12. Toussaint10326

    A Collection of Loading Screens and Diplomacy Masks. 1.0

    This is a collection I made, it contains Loading Screen Backgrounds and Diplo Screen Overlay Masks. It contains some DLC exclusive Background's, that way those without Nubia can still use their Background.
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