1. TyrannusRex

    Rounding Out the Nordic Civilizations

    So, excuse the title for being a little vague, but I'm sorta working on an idea and wanted some opinions from other Civ fans. I've noticed that the majority of ideas (or existing mods) for a Danish civ in Civ VI tend to focus on an Industrial Era Denmark sometime during the 1800s (I believe)...
  2. Bergen, Norway

    Bergen, Norway

    full video of city here :)
  3. megabearsfan

    [GS] A General Strategy for Harald Hardrada's Norway

    I've been remiss lately about posting content on social media and forums, and am trying to catch up. A few weeks ago, I posted another strategy guide on my blog. This one is for Harald Hardrada of Norway, who was requested by my supporters, and who had his leader abilities changed in the...
  4. Mr_PeaCH

    [GS] Early game fun with "weak" civs

    I've been having more and more fun recently setting up situations where some of the civs often thought of as "weak" or "inferior" can shine. Wanted to put the word out, maybe stir some like-minded players, and hopefully get an exchange of other interesting early game mechanisms people are aware...
  5. King Phaedron

    Religious Victory for the Diplomatic Warmonger

    A lot of people seem to be put off or don't bother with religious victory. I've only gone through CIV 6 twice now, but I already have a good feel as to what is and is not going to work, so here it goes. The 4 Major Strategies for Religious Victory: (Regardless of belief or civilization choices)...
  6. Red_warning

    Scandinavian wonders

    Since the vikings first were included in Civ II I have waited for the addition of Scandinavian wonders, and was hoping for one to be included in Gathering Storm, but alas it was seemingly not meant to be. So in my boredom I've decided to create this thread to brainstorm some potential wonders...
  7. Bizrock

    Best Naval Civilization?

    What is the best Civilization naval oriented? Naval Strenght. Ability to settle and expand. Bonuses with water tiles. Advantages.
  8. TyrannusRex

    Why is Harald Protestant?

    I mean, I understand that most of Scandinavia/Norway today is Protestant, but Harald Hardrada lived and died long before the Protestant Reformation-- he was Catholic. In a sense, it is accurate to Norway as a civilization, but it's not accurate to say that Harald's religion was Protestantism.
  9. Vognir

    Take Civs from Scenarios

    Can some take the civs from the Viking Scenarios and make them fully playable civs
  10. RFormica

    Civ6 New Leader Poll

    Notice: Even though the Edward IV mod is posted as coming soon on my description, it is complete and I am just waiting for the leader art.
  11. DrekkSama

    [VidLP] Turns of War - Campaign 04

    So Turns of War is back, but this time with a twist. Instead of uploading a full 5-hour session on youtube, instead we have condensed it into a 10 min highlight of what happened. I think this format will be more enjoyable to watch and I am hoping you'll agree. Of course if you want to watch the...
  12. K

    [VidLP] Immortal - Norway tries to convert the world!

    Hey guys, In this playthrough we try to win with religion! :D Civ: Randomed Norway Game Speed: Quick Map Size: Standard Map Type: Continents Difficulty: Immortal
  13. D


    Have been playing with Norway and here is a bit and here is the strategy I find best suited for me early game: 1) Try settle on a hill next to river. 2) Produce Scout, Worker, Shrine, Slinger, Settler. 3) Tech Tree: Mining, Astrology, Pottery, Writing, Masonry, Sailing, Archer, Military...
  14. Keniisu

    [VidLP] Let's Play Norway as Harald Hardrada - Prince

    PLAYLIST LINK: Sid Meier's Civilization VI is here and I'm going into everything a little blind. I'll look the game as I go and enjoy the experience alongside you, the viewer. I've been playing since Civilization V and am...
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