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  1. Blake00

    Global Conflagration (new indie Command & Conquer and Red Alert like game)

    Looks like it's not just Tempest Rising trying to fill the retro 'Command & Conquer like' void. There's an indie game project called Global Conflagration that looks rather promising too! From the outside I'd say it probably has more of a C&C Generals feel to it with a bit of Red Alert thrown in...
  2. Blake00

    Tempest Rising (new Command & Conquer and Red Alert like game from 3D Realms)

    Anyone who's followed my work in the Civ2 forums on the Red Alert 2 Seige of New York scenario and C&C Tiberian Sun African Campaign Scenario Remaster knows I'm a big retro Command & Conquer fan. Us fans have been waiting a long time for a new game to come from EA, and a lot of us hoped the...
  3. PPQ_Purple

    Command and Conquer Planning Thread

    Command & Conquer A PPQ_Purple Mod BACKGROUND: For those not familiar, it is my intent to try and create a Command and Conquer themed mod. This topic was originally discussed in my related art thread but has since outgrown it and necessitates its own space. The purpose of this thread is to...
  4. Blake00

    Command & Conquer 2 Red Alert Scenario (CiC) 1.0

    About: An old scenario based on the first war of the Command & Conquer Red Alert universe by ?unknown? Scenario files rescued by Kunto, then repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. Blake Google translated German text in some txt files. Also there was no Title.gif so Blake...
  5. <Nexus>

    C&C universe civs

    I have been nourishing the idea of creating two "What if" civs from C&C universe, namely Brotherhood of Nod and Yuri. @topsecret has kindly created the two required LHs for the civs... which also inspired @PPQ_Purple to start making Nod unit models. This thread is about the creation of these...
  6. Blake00

    Command & Conquer and Red Alert Civ2 & ToT scenarios development

    This has now become the tracking & development thread for Command & Conquer and Red Alert scenarios. Blake's 2024 Civ2 MGE Command & Conquer Tiberian Africa Scenario Remaster Project - IN PROGRESS ...
  7. Blake00

    Command and Conquer Red Alert Scenario (Repack) 2019-06-09

    Command and Conquer Red Alert Scenario By @Commodore Civ 3 scenario based on C&C Red Alert 1 events. Play as either the Allies or the Soviets battling over Europe. Download repacked with 7zip by @Blake00 Discussion thread: Screenshots:
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