Global Conflagration (new indie Command & Conquer and Red Alert like game)


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Sep 24, 2016
Looks like it's not just Tempest Rising trying to fill the retro 'Command & Conquer like' void. There's an indie game project called Global Conflagration that looks rather promising too! From the outside I'd say it probably has more of a C&C Generals feel to it with a bit of Red Alert thrown in too. They recently did a public demo period leading to lots of feedback that will keep them busy for a while but apparently they plan to do an early access release later this year.



Fan preview showing lots of a gameplay footage and singing it's praises:

ss_5f626636981faab251b6228461788d2588145889.jpg ss_624cf0bedff0e90ab20f168ba1d402c19b8909f9.jpg
ss_a25e3121c67d81b36b7d7246d7e94d50ea852bb1.jpg ss_94d9983623ebea5a2d50e078e6e3299d170ac004.jpg

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Speak for yourselves: I was using the term "global conflagration" years before now. :p Though based on a cursory search, this has already eclipsed the foreign policy journals in SEO recognition.

Man am I glad that we've finally got Generals 2. :cool: First impressions recall ROTR with the point control of Cold War Crisis; video comments suggest it's like Company of Heroes back-ported into Classic RTS format. Built-in counterbalancing against the early-game rush is quite an intriguing concept, though as I don't play competitively I can't speak to how well it'll go over in the MP scene. It's a minor detail, but army painting is one of those little things that I'm amazed aren't more common these days.

It was hard to make out amid the commentary, but I really like the sound design. Also, the longer I watched the gameplay the more I realized this is one of the very few games that actually has its planes at proper scale! :crazyeye:

Spoiler those T-90s though :
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