1. PDX Firefly

    Millennia | Release!

    Hello there! It's your friendly neighborhood Community Ambassador Firefly, here, and it's finally time. Millennia is now officially RELEASED!!! I have created a few things to assist you with your Millennia journey, and in the spirit of transparency, I'm starting with linking you to a Known...
  2. PDX Firefly

    Release Date! | Ages Part Two

    Hello there! Your friendly neighborhood Community Manager Katten here, this time to introduce you to our CONFIRMED release date for Millennia! So, it's time to stock up on refreshments, order the pizza, and mark your calendars for March 26, 2024! Now, I am sure you are all super excited to see...
  3. Quintillus

    [Release] Carthage Preview 3

    The C7 team is pleased to announce the release of Carthage Preview 3! You can download it at This is likely to the the final, or at least penultimate, release before the full Carthage milestone is reached. Three major...
  4. billw2015

    Doing a release from Git to SVN

    I put a quick guide on the github wiki (which everyone should feel free to edit/add to by the way): Any questions please ask.
  5. DrDraker

    NEW Info about SDK release (Jan 25 2017)

    Hi everyone. As many of you i was getting tired of waiting for the SDK. So i created a support ticked at 2K. Here is the conversation: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. Im a HUGE fan ov the Civ...
  6. Arriving October 2005

    Arriving October 2005

    This image is from Firaxis website.
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