1. K

    Road cost

    Hi, so in 3.6 roads have been made more expensive to build. I don't like that change, and I've been wondering if there's an easy way to change the stats in the xlm files to reduce the work to build them, at least for cart paths? I found some file that seems to be about roads in assets/xml/misc...
  2. L. Vern

    Road Planner for VP 2024-04-01

    More control over automated route construction
  3. FlammieJerynZ

    [BNW] How we can make Trade Routes use Routes (Roads and Railroads) like normal Units via the DLL?

    Good day or night everyone! I hope you all be okay. I was thinking if can be possible to allow Trade Routes (Internal or International) to use Roads and/or Railroads (just like the other Units) benefiting from their Movement bonuses via modifying the BNW DLL. This can be possible? Thank you in...
  4. modmyciv

    Turning Railroads into roads

    Chaps, I've returned to CivIII again... :) Thanks to the CRX utility I can now add 'railroads' to my fantasy version and limit the unit speed, giving a useful resource boost mid-game. So I downloaded some grey cobblestone roads from here to use as 'paved roads'. All works well except the...
  5. mastrude

    [BNW] Roads and railroads in archipelago games?

    Do they add to your economy in a way that harbors alone don't? Are they really a good addition to your overall economy. I know they are a "force multiplier" in military terms, but is that a good reason to build them? I'm experimenting with not building them at all. I realize that developing the...
  6. C

    [GS] my idea for a nature friendly improvement

    we all know about the railroad and that it destroys the environment by burning coal every time its built,BUT NO MORE! my new idea for civ 6 GS, THE MONORAIL here are the stats 0.20 movement cost cost 1 aluminium and .5 power too work(any cities connected to the rail system give power) doesn't...
  7. jesperben

    [GS] Do I waste my early trader on roads?

    I love roads between my cities. They are of course very good for hurrying units around, but in earlier Civ-versions roads also created gold, so I have always had a good network between my cities, and somehow it appeals to my image of a welfunctioning civilization. Now with traders creating the...
  8. I

    [GS] Road Maintenance

    I use builders to create roads since I don't really like traders making roads. I've upped the amount of charges to 6 but now I don't like the fact I can have roads everywhere with no upkeep. Has anyone played around with adding a maintenance cost for roads/railroads? Thank you
  9. washy

    [BNW] Caravans Build Paths

    Caravans Build Paths Paths have better movment than normal terrain, but not as good as roads. Path maintenance 0.3 Roads maintenance lowered to 0.5 Rail Roads maintenance lowered to 0.5 Trading posts in paths generate +1 gold The graphics are the same than roads.
  10. PlotinusRedux

    Plot's Roads and Movement 1.02

    Plot's Roads and Movement v1.01 Changes - Builders construct roads. - Builders cost does not increase. - Roads are more effective. - Modern and later units get 50% movement bonus for land, 100% movement bonus for sea and air. Purpose ------- The 1 UPT rule combined with nerfs to movement and...
  11. MaJoR of CHAOS

    Settlers Build Roads and More V1.1

    How the settler used to look How the settler looks now This is My First Mod!!! Settler Improvements Features: Settlers can build roads By using up to 12 Build Charges Settler cost decreased to 60 hammers for quicker production Settlers movement increased to 3 movement points for...
  12. TonkaTruck

    Passable mountains and bridges.

    Now that we have military engineers in the game, how about letting them spend charges to build bridges (coast and then ocean tiles once you research the appropriate techs) and tunnel through mountains, make them work as passable road tiles. Maybe make mountain tiles more desirable by making...
  13. rjg85

    Benefit of roads?

    Other than the movement benefits, is there actually any benefit to linking all your cities with roads? There isn't a city link gold benefit is there? No other bonuses? Basically I want to find out if it is worth sending rubbish early internal trade routes to build roads between all my cities...
  14. S

    Just an Idea about roads...

    I was thinking about an idea. What if paved roads couldn't be built until they are further through the game, but the "foot traffic" of units and traders passing through a certain tile created an unpaved road, which then took less gpt to maintain once you then improved that unpaved road to a...
  15. Veneke

    How do trade routes/roads/railroads/harbours work? (vanilla)

    How do trade routes/roads/railroads/harbours work? Connecting your empire Introduction Should one go by horse, carriage, train or ship? This article goes through the basic mechanics of trade routes, roads, railroads and harbours. By virtue of explanation, some obvious strategies and clearly...
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