1. O

    [SQL] Simple edit buffing existing Civ not registering

    Hey all, I've been lurking on these forums since the heyday of Civ 4 and finally tried out modding Civ 6. My sister enjoys the game but doesn't survive long when playing against me and my friends in multiplayer. I was trying to create a mod that buffs the Inca so she stops getting killed by even...
  2. I

    Need help with Screen in Alpha Centauri

    I just did a new clean install of SMAC with SMAX in the netbook. problem at the moment is that for some reason, even after installing the mods for widescreen, the window overflows whenever I tried looking at the city overview window or in the monuments section. I have tried the DirectDraw=0...
  3. A

    [MOD] LOTR: Crashes

    Hey all, this is my first post so I apologize if I'm in the wrong thread. I found someone's post about their mods conflicting so I assumed to post in the same thread. I have some Lord of the Rings mods installed. I am gonna list them below along with the game parameters and my computer's specs...
  4. Plaidman

    [R&F] LAN Party advice

    Hey Civ Fanatics, I'm hosting a LAN party in a couple of weeks and I just posted some threads to the Multiplayer forum asking for advice. Since that forum's not super active I hope you don't mind me posting some links here to get a bit more attention. I want to make sure everything runs...
  5. Plaidman

    [R&F] Can Host: LAN Party/Multiplayer Questions (system)

    Hey Civ Fanatics: In a few weeks I'm hosting a big multiplayer Civ game with a few of my friends (between 4-8 players), and I want to make sure everything runs smoothly. To that end, I'm wondering if you can offer any setup advice, especially with respect to these questions: - I've had...
  6. H

    [vanilla] Broken Victories

    I know a lot of you disagree with this, but me and my friends only like the domination victory part of the game. The problem is, whenever I disable all victories except for Domination, the AI can still get victories in other fields. Does anyone know why that's possible?
  7. kamex

    Bug - Tech Pop Up Not Appearing

    Nubia patch - no mods I have Writing one turn from completion, when ending the turn, I'm prompted to choose new tech, but there no tech pop up. Never seen this before. anybody else getting it?
  8. J

    Can't start Civ IV BTS because of runtime error

    I own the Steam version of Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword and haven't had any technical trouble since purchasing it. However, yesterday I suddenly got an error that has been preventing me from starting the game. The error reads as uch: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Program:....IV...
  9. sman1975

    Best Method to Troubleshoot CTD

    Hello, Am working on an "omnibus" mod - one that combines several different mods into a single product. Had to do this because I play with a certain set of mods, but when I added a mod or two lately, there seem to be some conflicts between them. Soooo.... After many long hours of building...
  10. paschendale

    Compatibility Files and the Luxuries

    Well hello everyone, I'm a huge noob when it comes do modding (and playing above Emperor) but I was bored and decided to give CBP a try. I downloaded the .exe file and tried the automated instalation, selected to install without the EUI because my PC is kinda humble. I activated all MOD's (I...
  11. cfkane

    Can't load custom mod in Steam version of BTS

    I just attempted to make a quick custom mod. Nothing fancy, just a custom tech quote and Civilopedia entry. I dropped it in the Beyond the Swords Mod folder and started the game up. The mod appeared, loaded, and played. But the custom quotes didn't load with it. It looks like the XML never...
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