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unit ability

  1. Yand_Durinul

    [GS] How to add Functions to a Unit.

    Essentially what I'm trying to do is give the Portuguese Nau the ability to remove the Kelp Forest feature from Sukritact's Oceans mod. I'm not sure how to go about doing this. Any help is greatly appreciated... I am a total novice looking to get into mod creating.
  2. T

    Change the value of the unit if you have been declared at war

    I want to add a unit for my civilization that will cost 60% less production if you are at war. I already have a unit template: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <GameInfo> <Types> <!-- Melee--> <Row Type="UNIT_TERDEF" Kind="KIND_UNIT"/> </Types> <UnitAiInfos>...
  3. Meaky

    Possible Unit Ability?

    Hi, I'm making a unit mod, and I had a couple of ideas for abilities, but I don't know if they are doable... 1) A unit that can paradrop at a different range, without changing the parameter for the Spec-Ops. 2) A unit that does dmg to enemy units on the enemy turn when they move next to it...
  4. Sailor Cat

    Upgrades Keep Unique Abilities 1.08

    Don't Wait! Get Your Upgrade Today! Similar to Civ V, upgrading a unique unit will pass on its unique abilities. Subsequent upgrades to the same unit will continue to pass on these abilities. This includes unique abilities such as great general points from kills or starting with a free...
  5. smorgasborgas

    Unit ability/promotion feature idea based on terrain

    This is the only game I've played for years, so I've naturally built up a bit of a wish list. This post is in no way indicating any dissatisfaction with the mod as it is! Very big fan! I've seen a few threads about the balance of Unique Abilities and unit promotions granted by Natural...
  6. R

    How to Remove Zone of Control from a Unit

    Hey fellow modders: Does anybody know if there is a way to remove "zone of control" from a particular unit, so that it no longer exerts zone of control on other units? I've looked everywhere for the answer, but I'm not sure which file to edit or what value to change for this purpose. Any help...
  7. G

    Is there a way to make an "Improvement" on a district?

    I have a replacement builder unit called slave. I want to have the option of sacrificing them in various districts for immediate bonuses such as gold, science etc. This is for a warhammer Drukhari mod. My current approach is to make an improvement which doesn't actually place anything on the...
  8. M

    Combat Unit that can Build is Invisible

    I am making a combat unit that has one build charge for any improvement that a builder can make (comparable to the Roman Legion). Everything seems functional so far, but I am getting a visual problem. The unit starts with only one guy visible, and he turns invisible after using the build...
  9. Knasp

    [GS] DELETE! - Modify Cavalry strength when defending vs. melee?

    UPDATE: The error was that I used OwnerRequirementSetId instead of SubjectRequirementSetId. Thread can be deleted! I'm trying to give Cavalry units negative Combat Strength vs. melee units when they're defending. But no matter how I try, it simply doesn't work. I don't see any errors in the...
  10. N

    NUT9931's Twaek mod v0.1 2018-11-25

    this mod insert not mod folder, insert Sid Meiers Civilization VI base folder. PLEESE BACKUP FILE [insert backup 7z file, but I still recommend backup.] ---- Reference mods Fish Farms (for better water tiles) 1.8.5 PassableMountains Workable Mountains Strategic Timber (V. 1.05) Lumbermills...
  11. H

    [TOT] Computer sees invisible units

    I'm finishing up my decades-ago gotten dream of combining Civ2 with the awesome unit graphics from Fantasy General. Basically what I've done is modified heavily the Fantasy game of Civ2Tot. But there's still one thorn: The computer mercilessly destroys my supposed-to-be-invisible units. Like in...
  12. N

    Warning: Failed to Attach Modifier because <Invalid Definition>

    Hi. I'm trying to create a new ability to my unique unit, but in the GameEffects.log I obtain the follow error: The unit definition is in the CAT_Template_Units.xml: <GameData> <Types> <Row Type="UNIT_CAT_ALMOGAVERS" Kind="KIND_UNIT"/> <Row Type="UNIT_CAT_MIQUELETS"...
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