Possible Unit Ability?


Jan 20, 2022
Hi, I'm making a unit mod, and I had a couple of ideas for abilities, but I don't know if they are doable...

1) A unit that can paradrop at a different range, without changing the parameter for the Spec-Ops.

2) A unit that does dmg to enemy units on the enemy turn when they move next to it (similar to Civ5 Citadel) or, it does dmg on the same turn the unit move near the enemies.

3) A unit that can instakill the target on attacking it, only if it has specific health, below or above it.

4) A unit that does splash dmg with different values, on enemies near the target.*

Any tips I can use?
The whole solution is fine too :)

*Didn't try to make it yet.
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