(AI+ mod) Tomyris declares secret war despite her agenda


Nov 3, 2016
I was playing an interesting game the other day, on the winter patch with the AI+ mode enabled. I was playing on Diety level with Trajan on continents, and it turned out that I was all alone with three CSes on my continent. It wasn't my normal style of play for Trajan (no early wars), but no prob. After I cleaned up the barbs, and fog busted the continent, I set out to build a strong empire on the island, and to set up a tech advantage, if/when I needed to invade another continent. I had met all of the other civs. Most were battling it out on the other continent (boo hoo). I had neutral or friendly relationships with all civs, thru some normal diplomacy.

I guess I was too focused on infrastructure and I left my defenses weak.... Surprise at around 1000 AD. Tomyris disembarks a horde of Horseman (6) on my coast and besieges my largest city. She declared a Surprise War on me! Your opinion on whether or not this is bug might differ.

Her agenda is Backstab Averse. Meaning YOU get negative modifiers for declaring surprise wars on others, and I assume for breaking promises to others. Her agenda really has no affect on her actions AFAIK.

Flavor wise, I would say that if you read her initial greeting to you, and her other messages. It seems inconsistent to me that she will declare a Surprise War on another. It is akin to Gandhi using Nukes. Personally I think, Tomyris should never (or almost never) declare a non-formal war. She probably should never (or almost never) join in a Joint War, because that basically turns out to be a surprise war to the victim.

You might say that, well Tomyris is trying-to-win or a player would have no problem justifying a surprise war, so why not. I think if you are going to have agendas that infer personality then the actions of the AI should match that personality. Humans do this too, when they role play in their game. Not everyone, does whatever it takes to win.

My suggestion is to increase the thresholds value for when she will accept the decision to start a surprise war (or joint war) to fit her agenda, and flavor text.
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