Bombers can’t hit targets during war.


Jul 4, 2023
I couldn’t find a similar thread, so excuse me if this has already been addressed. I play with my son online. We play as a team against 3 other AI teams. This situation has happened to me twice now. The first time we were at war with a pair of Civ’s. We were about 5 or 6 turns into the war, when suddenly the pair of Civ’s we were in battle with were no longer at war with us, but another pair that we were friendly with, was. Neither of us made peace, or accepted a peace offering and neither of us declared war on the other pair. Now here’s the weird part. I could attack the new opponents with my land and water units, but I couldn’t attack them with my bombers. I couldn’t hit any unit or city center, the game wouldn’t let me. After a few turns I got pissed off and just nuked the tile next to the city center and was able to wipe that city out. We eventually ended up making peace with them and won with a diplomacy victory. Now, just a couple of weeks ago, we were playing and I declared war against a Civ, which made us at war them them and their ally. I was able to attack the civ I declared war against with no problem, hitting them with bombers. I got closer to the other civ and went to hit their city with a bomber, but again, the game wouldn’t let me hit the city center or any of their military units. I could hit their districts, but no city center or units. Is there some sort of policy card I missed that protects Civ’s from air attacks? My son is as confused as I am. Nukes work fine, but no direct bombings. What’s the deal? Oh, by the way, I’ve never had this problem when playing by myself. This has only happened online playing in a team. Thanks for any help.
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