1942 Axis


May 16, 2013
Any successful strategies? I played as all three axis nations getting quite far into the game as Italy. However all I managed to achieve with their limited army was win the desert war and support some German troops against the Soviets.

However the Japanese get kicked out of China very quickly and Manchuria is conquered by the Soviets eventually. And the Chinese were sending more and more forces to the Eastern Front meaning I had basically lost the war.

So I played as Japan and by turn 16 I had most of China but my army was overstretched and ineffective. The Soviets invaded Manchuria and the Chinese were also rebuilding their army with my European allies not really achieving anything.
Talking of useless AI, it was interesting to note that the Africa Korps hid in Tobruk while I had to do all the hard fighting as Italy. Bit annoying the AI wouldn't commit.

So does anyone have any good strategies for the 1942 scenario as the axis?
I often play germany. The first thing I do is destroy the red army then siege moscow leningrad and then proceed attacking china. I destroyed the red army by tanking advantages of terrain advantage and flanking the enemy
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