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(2-56) Buff Mech Infantry and Bazookas

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Nov 19, 2010
Proposal: Increase Mech Infantry CS to 80
Bazookas: 60 CS, 80 RCS, 3 base Movement, and Production changed to 1800 (same as Mech Infantry) for Bazookas.
Change Covering Fire II to be Covering Fire I w/o Penalties (+20% CS When Defending , Enemy Land Units within 2 spaces suffer -15% CS).

Mobile Tactics Units are on a huge step below Advanced Ballistics Units (Mobile SAM, Rocket Artillery, Modern Armor). I would say it's a big bigger than I would like to see more premium Units have vs Resourceless Units: more notably, Modern Armor vs Mech Infantry and Rocket Artillery vs Bazookas. It's important that every Info Era Unit is worth the tile that they occupy and for Units to keep being useful as some Units will have good Promotions we have been working for all game.

I haven't had a chance to use the newly changed Helicopters yet or Light Tanks. So, I wouldn't know what changes they would need, if any.

Mech Infantry are generally solid. Only concern I have is that the gap between Mech Infantry is a bit wider compared to Modern Armor than it is between Infantry and Tanks, which is a bit wider than Riflemen vs Landship. They really only a slight bump in CS to be more wortwhile, imo. Infantry and Mech Infantry both have DFPs (+25% defending vs Ranged, +25 HP). I would say they should be changed 80 CS so they retain the power ratio that Infantry have vs Tanks.

Mech Infantry are 75 vs 100 Modern Armor 3:4
Infantry 60 vs 75 Tank 4:5
Riflemen are 50 vs 60 Landship 5:6

Bazookas were for a while an Atomic Era, and they still retain that cost, 1300 Production. Their stats 50 CS, 70 RCS are fine for taking on Combined Arms Units (Tank and Infantry) but not suited for Info Era warfare at all. Also, their Covering Fire is weaker, at the cost of inverting their Armor weakness ( they get +50% vs Armor). I wonder how long has this unit gone unbuffed for? I considered 3 Range, however, I would rather see them closer to the frontline. It would also mean they could be eligible for 4 Range, which I would rather be left to the likes of Rocket Artillery.
Spoiler Covering Fire I/ II :
Covering Fire I
-50% RCS when attacking Cities, Fortified Units, and Armor
+20% CS When Defending
Enemy Land Units within 2 spaces suffer -15% CS

Covering Fire II
-25% RCS when attacking Fortified Units and Cities
+10% CS when Defending
Enemy Land Units within 2 spaces suffer -10% CS

Proposal Amended:
Infantry 60 CS -> 62
Prachina 60 CS -> 62
Mercenary 65 -> 66
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I would clean up the proposal a little bit, showing what the original value is changing to. You kind of do this throughout your post, but its a little scattered.

Something like:

Mech Infantry
  • CS: 75 -> 80
  • CS: 50 -> 60
  • RCS: 70 -> 80
  • Production: 1300 -> 1800
  • Remove Covering Fire II, gains Covering Fire I (buffs from this noted below)
    • +25% RCS when attacking fortified units and cities
    • +10% CS when defending
    • Enemy units suffer extra -5% CS
I can agree that the bazooka and mech infantry could use a touch of love. Advanced ballistics is the "final war tech" for me in most games, as rocket artillery serve very well in teh ranged unit function, tanks are your main frontline, etc. I think this changes make sense.
Amended Proposal with buffs to Infantry, as I would like to see those changes go through regardless of which proposal passes.
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