(2-56a) Counterproposal: Lategame Unit Tweaks


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Jul 17, 2018
Counterproposal to https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/2-89-buff-mech-infantry-and-bazookas.680883/

Change 1:
Bazooka gets base range 3 (up from 2) and has 60:c5strength: / 80:c5rangedstrength: (up from 50:c5strength: / 70:c5rangedstrength:). Production cost increased to 1800:c5production:. Faith cost increased to 1000:c5faith:.
Remove free Anti-Tank Rounds promotion from Rocket Artillery.

This is the same amount of CS/RCS as the original proposal, and the numbers I've been using in my mod. 3 range as opposed to 3 movement to reduce traffic jam in the frontlines (occupied by infantry, tanks, and helicopters/light tanks mid-turn). Bazooka works differently enough from Rocket Artillery for not having Indirect Fire.

Many last-tier units have a CS bonus against tanks. Helicopter Gunship, Bazooka and Rocket Artillery all have Anti-Tank Rounds. If we have to cut one it should be from Rocket Artillery. The other two are supposed to counter tanks.

Change 2:
Change the Covering Fire promotions as below.

Covering Fire I
-50% RCS when attacking Cities, Fortified Units, and Armor
+10% CS When Defending (down from +20%)
Enemy Land Units within 2 tiles suffer -15% CS

Covering Fire II
-25% RCS when attacking Cities and Fortified Units
+10% CS When Defending
Enemy Land Units within 2 tiles suffer -15% CS (up from -10%)

The loss of -CS aura and defensive bonus in currently upgrade from Covering Fire I to II feels bad, but we can't give everything to Bazooka. On the other hand, Gatling Gun is very strong and could use a very slight nerf in the defensive part.

Now Bazooka would be a 100% upgrade.

Change 3:
Infantry 60:c5strength: -> 62:c5strength:
Pracinha 60:c5strength: -> 62:c5strength:
Mercenary 65:c5strength: -> 66:c5strength:
Mechanized Infantry 75:c5strength: -> 80:c5strength:

The upgrade from Rifleman to Infantry is much less impactful than the previous upgrades, so I raised Infantry (and related UUs) CS a bit. Mechanized Infantry is buffed to hopefully make it work as the cheap alternative to Modern Armour/GDR without being destroyed by Tanks.
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