[Vote] (4-25) Proposal: Wind/Hydro Power Plant Changes

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Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
Voting Instructions
Players, please cast your votes in the poll above. Vote "Yea" if you'd be okay if this proposal was implemented. Vote "Nay" if you'd be okay if this proposal wasn't implemented.

You can vote for both options, which is equivalent to saying "I'm fine either way", but adds to the required quorum of 10 votes in favor.

All votes are public. If you wish, you can discuss your choice(s) in the thread below. You can change your vote as many times as you want until the poll closes.

VP Congress: Session 4, Proposal 25

Wind Farm: change +1 culture, gold, production per worked tile to +1 culture, science, production
Hydro Plant: change +3 prod, gold, food per lake/river tile to +3 prod, science, food.

In short summary, we are removing the gold and adding in science.

Rationale: Time and time again when I get to the late game, I just ignore wind and hydro plants. At this point in the game, I find its all about the science. I am often going for SV if I've made it this deep in the tree, and I have all the culture policies I really need. I only care about science at this point, and so only the plants that generate science are actually worthwhile to me. This change brings in some science for wind and hydro plants, now making them competitive with their cousins.
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What are the yields of the other power plants currently? Just make sure the 3 yields don't repeat and I'll vote for it.
What are the yields of the other power plants currently? Just make sure the 3 yields don't repeat and I'll vote for it.
Solar: +3 prod/science on desert, +1 prod/science on other land tiles.
Nuclear: +1 gold, science, prod, culture to all specialists (also comes with a much stronger production increase %).
Tidal: +2 prod, gold, food, science on sea tiles.
Wind Farm does have a niche if you need just a bit of extra tourism to win a CV. It's essentially 1 :c5culture: per non-specialist which translates to a fair bit of tourism.
Hydro Plant falls behind currently with neither :c5science: nor :c5culture:.
Proposal sponsored by Legen.
This was a strange change, as this was recently adapted. Before, each power station had a different specialty, but unless you're one a 1 tile island, the choice is pretty obvious.
I think the rationale behind adding gold to power plants yield is that you sell the electricity. In this case gold should be added to all of the power plants, or to removed from all of them for the sake of consistency.
I also don't understand how some power stations contribute to culture. Maybe culture could be added by certain Ideology tenets, which make those huge industrial objects produce cultural value. Like Order gives culture to Hydroplants, and Freedom to Windplants.
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