[Vote] (5-63) Change CS Quest Expiry Conditions Part 4: Denounce or Declare War on Civ

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Jul 17, 2018
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VP Congress: Session 5, Proposal 63

Shared expiry conditions:
  • CS is no longer alive
  • CS has lost its Capital
Specific for the "denounce civ" quest:
  • 30 turns have passed
  • Target is no longer alive
Specific for the "declare war on civ" quest:
  • 50 turns have passed
  • Target is now our ally
  • Target is no longer alive
Add "Target is now our ally" condition to the denounce quest.
Add "Player has signed a DoF/DP with the target" condition to both quests.
Add "Player will backstab if declaring war on target (DP of DP, etc.)" condition to the declare war quest.

These two quests are triggered by the target's hostile actions towards the CS. The CS should revoke these quests if they no longer hate the player.
Backstabbing should be discouraged, and these conditions can be counted as "can no longer complete the quest", hence the expiry.

Implementation details:
DLL code change required
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