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    Nov 26, 2016
    Welcome to the 6otM135 After Actions Report thread. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!

    STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.

    Please attach your victory save to your post.

    - What was your plan for achieving the VC? What are the major steps you planned to take? What events, if any, changed the plan in execution and to what new plan? Any interesting decision points?
    - What were your initial 5-10 builds in the capital or other early cities?
    - Early order for technology/civics? What did you prioritize for technology/civics?
    - How did the leader bonus and civ unique ability impact your plan/play, if at all?
    - How many cities did you settle and/or capture? Where did you settle your first few cities?
    - What were key production/purchase focuses? Military units / Civilian units / Districts & city development / Wonders / Civ Unique Unit & Infrastructure? Most critical or interesting?
    - Pantheon chosen and why? Religious beliefs chosen, and why?
    - What governments did you select? What key policy cards did you use? Why?
    - Which Governors were most important; when and why?
    - Was diplomacy/trading useful? How? Relations with other civs?
    - When did you have Dark/Golden ages?
    - How did the game modes affect or impact your play?
    - Any surprises/frustration/elations you ran into, how did you deal with it?
    - Did you enjoy your game?

    Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden. Thanks.
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  2. Chrumo

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    Sep 29, 2019
    DomV 152

    I got a little bit too scared in the beggining and probably started to conquer the other continent too late, but otherwise a pretty good game :)
    Thanks for the save!

    Spoiler t152 :
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  3. Lexad

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    Mar 26, 2006
    Domination Turn 158

    Got carried away with wonder and district builidng, then rolled my continent with Cuirassiers and continued to roll the other while upgrading them to tanks. Forgot about Civ specifics, lost few turns waiting to declare after denouncing. Took Hic Sunt to get to other continent faster. Tricksy Zulu killed Kumasi while I was busy in the North, delaying me Nationalism quite a bit.

    Early wonders: Artemis, Machu for strong Theatres, Oracle. Late wonders: Terracota at the start of assault on home continent, Alhambra, Forbidden, Colosseum. Made almost no use of navy.

    Goddess of the Hunt pantheon for the win here.

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  4. Planktonic

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    Feb 8, 2021
    Dom Vic turn 184

    Played it safe, went for a religion: Work Ethic c Dance of the Aurora as the pantheon, also took Crusade which was very helpful versus Zulu. Spent too much time building up before starting the wars- ended up founding I think 7 cities- the tundra was too alluring. Then later founded one city on the other continent and used Grandmaster's Chapel to faith-buy cuirassiers, artillery and tanks. Also took some time to eliminate Zulus and Australia just for the Era score- had a normal Classical but was intent on staying Golden thereafter. Usually on higher level Dom games I end up having to resort to bombers so glad I was able to avoid that this time.

    Thanks for the game!

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  5. Rutseg

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    Aug 22, 2011
    The Netherlands
    Domination Victory T198, Score 1917, Time 29 h

    Achievements through this play:
    • Peacekeeper: As Wilfrid Laurier, successfully complete an Emergency
    • The Sunny Way: Win a game as Wilfrid Laurier
    Seen tundra spots available with mountains, I went after Dance of the Aurora + Work Ethic for an early production boost. My early exploration only found Shaka and John Curtin and decided to take Shaka first just because of proximity. As things became tough with Shaka, I opted to ally with John while I explored the rest of the map for the rest of the capitals. Given John and Victoria resulted the most friendlier AIs, I left them for the last and took the rest by order of proximity.

    Early game
    I expanded to the west desert first despite not being the best spot, just to stop Shaka's expansion and get a closer attack city. The river spot there was good enough to support my second city which I focused on building an encampment (looking for a Great General) and units while the capital focused on expansion to the east and getting a religion and science while building some units too. My science output was bad, and every time I got an edge over Shaka, he suddenly appeared with something now that would bog me down.
    Captura de pantalla de 2022-05-21 15-50-32.png

    At T100, I still had not conquered any capital, I had only settled 6 cities and had razed one of Shaka's ones that I could not retain because of loyalty.
    Captura de pantalla de 2022-05-21 16-11-11.png

    Only settled 8 cities, got 5 to loyalty pressure, 1 through diplomacy (Roosevelt peace), and 21 conquered. By the end of the game I controlled 35 cities all through the continents.

    Two cities were settled at the coast, one at the northern sea and the other at the southern one, providing navy to support my maneuvers.

    One city served as a launcher at the eastern continent, many missionaries were bought there to profit the Crusade belief on conquering the enemy cities.

    The war with Shaka took half my game, and only once I managed to upgrade to crossbows, I turned the tide, bringing Ulundi down thanks to a battering ram (T111). Seeing the rest of Shaka's cities going down to loyalty, I struck a peace and the rest of the game was easy and mostly about improving my units logistics and optimizing my cities at home. By when Shaka was conquered, I had already discovered every other Civ except Brazil. My next were Wilhelmina and Roosevelt.

    While half of the army stood at Shaka's territory conquering a city that was to switch otherwise to John, the other half plus a horseman and a new archer went north with a few missionaries to conquer Wilhelmina with the Crusader Belief. Amsterdam conquered in T138.

    Meanwhile the army obtained with the Statue of Zeus crossed the sea to the east, settling Guelph in the shores of the other continent as an attack platform. With the help of a missionary the Zeus crusade took Philadelphia on T143 and Washington was defeated at T159.

    From there, the north army crossed the seas to the east as well, boosted by Hic Sunt Dracones and the Great Lighthouse (thanks Wilhelmina for building that). They were occupied to take Pedro of Brazil, taking Rio on T172.

    The Zeus crusade continued to the east, defeating Ghandi, taking Delhi on T169. This was done with the help of a quadrireme upgraded to a frigate, and a caravel. There were some mounted units helping too, their raids helped me to keep up with Victoria's science.

    I maintained alliances with John and Victoria, but should have avoided the last one, because I had to wait around 10 turns for the alliances to expire, and then 5 more turns to denounce them to start the last fights. At least I used the extra time to bring my faith to their cities, which helped a lot to speed up the last battles thanks to the Crusade Belief (that +10 bonus to combat is impressive!).

    London fall on T195 and Canberra on T198. I had accumulated a large quantity of units by then, including tanks, artillery, infantry, battleships and aircrafts and this last treason war took only 5 turns.
    Captura de pantalla de 2022-05-28 18-29-34.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-05-28 18-28-35.png

    My priority was the Statue of Zeus, the army it spawned was vital on taking Roosevelt and Ghandi. Also built the Forbidden City to get a slot for the Oligarchy Legacy card and the culture boost. Went for the Terracotta Army, with so many units it was totally worth it. I built more wonders (a total of 8) but they were optional and I could have done without them. From the ones conquered the Great Lighthouse was the most important to reach the other continent faster.

    I was surprised to not find any natural wonder close by, but fortunately I got the Astrology boost while razing a barbarian encampment. I made some effort to bath my northern army on the Fountain of Youth waters, and while waiting for the possibility to fight Victoria, my Zeus crusade took the Spear of Fion on the natural wonder there.

    They helped me with the great merchant points and the extra gold ~100 was paying for my army at the end game. This was a plain boost as this mode just basically breaks somehow the AI ability to create improvements. There is some serious bug there.

    I do not remember they being particularly bothersome at any point, having so many units makes it easy to handle them. None swapped to City State and I only mildly milked a few for gold in the early game, later on I favored razing them.

    Civilization bonuses
    I was impressed on how well Wilfrid plays on Tundra. I would like to try him out on a mostly tundra map one day. With just a couple of late mounties, I build one National Park, but most of my parks I made through waste faith naturalist, just to boost really needed happiness.

    The no surprise wars clause completely played against me and I could have easily reduced the victory time in 5 to 10 turns if not because of this ability.

    They hockey ring culture and happiness boosts are very good ones, and I am sure they helped me, but by this time I had my army conquering the world and I am not sure how much they helped speed up victory, probably not too much of a difference, because most of my research was done through theater square and campus raiding.

    Early on, the Apogee was very important to build my initial army to take Shaka. Scripture was on par and I run it through most of the game, for extra production through the Work Ethic belief (I had four holy sites with >7 faith adjacency so >14 extra production on those cities). With so many conquers the Colonial Taxes were driving more than 150 production and gold, being my most useful Diplomatic card. Serfdom/Public Works was switched back and forth to build waves of builders. I felt the need to run with Liberalism most of the game because I had a lot of unhappiness penalties. There was a moment I had to run the card for extra iron and horses.

    From mid game on, the most important policy was Raid, I made most of my cultural and science research through raiding, and the amount of gold obtained through raiding was also strong. Combined with Modernization (switched back and forth when needed) I kept my armies updated.

    I used other cards but with just smaller impact.

    Final state

    Looking at the lost units figure, it is very clear this game was about handling Shaka swiftly, then boost the embarked units speed to reach the eastern continent fast. The rest seemed easy.
    Captura de pantalla de 2022-05-28 18-27-41.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-05-28 18-29-05.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-05-28 18-29-21.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-05-28 18-30-09.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-05-28 18-30-24.png

    Thanks a lot for the game! I wonder how it would have ended on a Deity difficulty. I fear Shaka would have took me over, or at the least delayed me greatly.

    Spoiler Full log :

    1 - :c5greatperson:Ancient Era; Ur:trade: Atlanticar:trade: Ottawa:c5capital:
    5 - Auckland:c5influence:
    7 - Shaka:c5influence:
    10 - Warrior:c5production:
    11 - Animal Husbandry:c5science:
    15 - Code of Laws:c5culture:
    16 - Kumasi:c5influence:
    17 - Kabul:c5influence:
    18 - Mining:c5science:
    20 - Settler:c5production:
    22 - Commet (Chariot)
    24 - Foreign Trade:c5culture:
    25 - Slinger:c5production: Saint John:c5capital:
    27 - Pantheon (Dance of the Aurora):religion:
    28 - Village (+1 envoy)
    30 - Trader:c5production: Builder:c5gold:
    33 - John Curtin:c5influence:
    34 - Village (+75 gold) Ngazargamu:c5influence:
    36 - Pottery:c5science:
    38 - Craftsmanship:c5culture: Settler:c5production:
    39 - Monument:c5production:
    40 - Builder:c5gold: Warrior:c5production:
    41 - Victoria:c5capital:
    42 - Warrior:c5production:
    43 - Irrigation:c5science:
    44 - Early Empire:c5culture: Amani:c5citizen: Warrior:c5production:
    45 - Barbarian encampment:c5war:
    47 - Builder:c5gold:
    49 - Kabul♟ Jerusalem:c5influence:
    51 - :c5greatperson:Classical Era (Free Inquiry) Writing:c5science: Settler:c5production: Denounced Zulu:c5war:
    52 - Military Tradition:c5culture:
    54 - State Workforce:c5culture: Magnus:c5citizen: Encampment:c5production: Slinger:c5production:
    57 - Kingston:c5capital:
    58 - Builder:c5production:
    59 - Iron Working:c5science: Swordsman:c5moves:
    61 - Archery:c5science: Archer:c5moves: Archer:c5moves:
    62 - Granary:c5production:
    63 - Political Philosophy:c5culture: Oligarchy:c5citystate: War to Zulu:c5war: Builder:c5war:
    64 - Sailing:c5science: Barbarian encampment (astrology):c5war:
    65 - Astrology:c5science:
    66 - Swordsman:c5moves:
    67 - Khomenezy:c5war: Barracks:c5production: Campus:c5production:
    68 - Wheel:c5science: Mysticism:c5culture: Swordsman:c5moves: Chariot:c5unhappy:
    69 - Settler:c5production:
    70 - Masonry:c5science: Government plaza:c5production: Provision (Magnus):c5citizen:
    71 - Galley:c5production: Settler:c5production:
    72 - Horseback Riding:c5science: Spearman:c5production: Water mill:c5production: Archer:c5unhappy:
    75 - Construction:c5science:
    76 - Warrior:c5unhappy:
    77 - Boudica:greatwork:
    78 - Drama and Poetry:c5culture: Battering ram:c5production: Toronto:c5capital: Builder:c5gold: Terra Australis:trade:
    79 - Holy site:c5production: Galley:c5production: Winnipeg:c5capital:
    80 - Water mill:c5gold: Swordsman:c5unhappy:
    81 - Archer:c5production: Roosvelt:c5influence:
    82 - Shrine:c5production: Heavy chariot:c5gold: Ngazargamu♟ Wilhelmina:c5influence:
    84 - Archer:c5production:
    86 - Library:c5production: Monument:c5production: Ghandi:c5influence:
    87 - Victoria:c5influence:
    88 - Holy site:c5production:
    89 - Shipbuilding:c5science: Games and Recreation:c5culture: Swordsman:c5production:
    90 - Kabul:c5gold: Swordsman:c5gold:
    91 - :c5greatperson:Medieval Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Currency:c5science: Engineering:c5science: Ancient walls:c5production:
    92 - Swordsman:c5unhappy:
    93 - Swordsman:c5unhappy:
    94 - Catapult:c5production:
    95 - Zoroaster:greatwork: Granary:c5production:
    96 - Military Training:c5culture: Warrior:c5production: Kumasi♟ Barbarian encampment:c5war:
    97 - Machinery:c5science: Theology:c5culture: Crossbowman:c5moves: Crossbowman:c5moves: Swordsman:c5moves: Catapult:c5production: Religion (Work ethic, Crusade):religion:
    99 - Warlord’s throne:c5production: Liang:c5citizen:
    100 - Defensive Tactics:c5culture: Victor:c5citizen: Crossbowman:c5moves:
    101 - Preserve:c5production: Asia:trade:
    104 - Apprenticeship:c5science: Recorded History:c5culture: Garrison commander (Victor):c5citizen: Campus:c5production: Aqueduct:c5production: Builder:c5production: Chariot:c5unhappy:
    105 - Village (+20 favor) Temple:c5production: Apostle:religion: Man-at-arms:c5moves:
    106 - Horseman:c5production: Man-at-arms:c5moves:
    107 - Quadrireme:c5production:
    108 - Man-at-arms:c5moves:
    109 - Shrine:c5production: Fountain of Youth:c5food:
    110 - Grove:c5production:
    111 - Commercial hub:c5production: Quadrireme:c5production: Horseman:c5production: Ulundi:c5war: Missionary:religion:
    112 - Galley:c5production:
    113 - Feudalism:c5culture: Catapult:c5production: Builder:religion:
    114 - Stirrups:c5science: Temple:c5production: Builder:religion:
    115 - Builder:c5production: Mogadishu:c5influence:
    116 - Peace to Shaka Granary:c5gold: Water mill:c5gold: Granary:c5gold: Water mill:c5gold: Galley:c5unhappy:
    117 - Military Engineering:c5science: Knight:c5production:
    118 - Statue of Zeus:tourism: Archer:tourism: Archer:tourism: Archer:tourism: Spearman:tourism: Spearman:tourism: Spearman:tourism: Battering ram:tourism: Builder:religion: Trebuchet:c5production:
    119 - Settler:c5production: Builder:religion:
    120 - Celestial Navigation:c5science: Mercenaries:c5culture: Builder:religion: Builder:c5production: Horseman:c5production: Trebuchet:c5moves: Trebuchet:c5moves:
    121 - Mathematics:c5science: Library:c5production: Granary:c5production: Theater square:c5production: Trebuchet:c5moves: Settler:c5gold:
    122 - Denounce Wilhelmina:c5war: Denounce Roosvelt:c5war: Hunza:c5influence: Man-at-arms:c5unhappy: Galley:c5unhappy:
    123 - Crossbowman:c5moves: Quadrireme:c5unhappy:
    124 - Crossbowman:c5production: Crossbowman:c5moves:
    125 - Military Tactics:c5science: Trader:c5production: Market:c5production: Barbarian encampment (steam power):c5war: Pikeman:c5moves: Pikeman:c5moves:
    126 - Civil Service:c5culture: Pikeman:c5moves: Pikeman:c5moves: Halifax:c5capital: Victoria (militar):c5strength: John Curtin (research):c5strength:
    127 - Heavy chariot:c5production:
    128 - Harbor:c5production: Apostle:religion: Builder:religion: Umgungundlovu:c5war: Commercial hub:c5production:
    129 - Industrial zone:c5production:
    130 - War to Wilhelmina:c5war:
    131 - :c5greatperson:Renaissance Era (Golden Age - Hic Sunt Dracones) Divine Right:c5culture: Colaeus:greatwork: Market:c5production: Builder:c5war: Circumnavigation:c5trade: Monarchy:c5citystate: Kabul:c5gold:
    132 - Gunpowder:c5science: Education:c5science: Lighthouse:c5production: Amphitheater:c5production: Trader:c5production:
    133 - Buttress:c5science: Trader:c5production: Armory:c5production: Guelph:c5capital: Bologna:c5influence: Quadrireme:c5unhappy:
    134 - Tilburg:c5war: Stonehenge:c5war: Galley:c5gold:
    135 - Guilds:c5culture: Moksha:c5citizen: Trader:c5production: Knight:c5moves: Workshop:c5production: Village (+75 gold) Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion:
    136 - Mass Production:c5science: Diplomatic quarter:c5production: Holy site:c5production: Hunza♟ Hattusa:c5influence:
    138 - Metal Casting:c5science: Amsterdam:c5war: Industrial zone:c5production:
    139 - Gustavus Adolphus:greatwork: Bombard:c5moves: Bombard:c5moves: Aqueduct:c5production: University:c5production: Campus:c5production: Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion: Ancient walls:c5production: Monument:c5production: Water mill:c5production:
    140 - Printing:c5science: Diplomatic Service:c5culture: Musketman:c5moves: Musketman:c5moves: Builder:c5gold: Builder:c5gold: War to Roosevelt:c5war:
    141 - Castles:c5science: Foreign ministry:c5production: Pingala:c5citizen: Granary:c5production: Builder:c5gold: Builder:c5gold:
    142 - Knight:c5production: Man-at-arms:c5production: Shrine:c5production: Village (relic) Builder:c5war:
    143 - Medieval Faires:c5culture: Connoiseur (Pingala):c5citizen: Rotterdam:c5war: Colossus:c5war: Great Lighthouse:c5war: Peace to Wilhelmina Holy site:c5production: Philadelphia:c5war: Monument:c5gold: Granary:c5gold: Water mill:c5gold: Pike and shot:c5moves:
    144 - Banking:c5science: Bombard:c5moves:
    145 - Pike and shot:c5moves: University:c5production: Granary:c5production:
    146 - Reformed Church:c5culture: Theocracy:c5citystate: Courser:c5moves: Spy:c5production: Campus:c5production: Library:c5production:
    147 - Temple:c5production: Missionary:religion: University:c5production: Village (+1 Trader) Horseman:c5unhappy:
    148 - Cartography:c5science: Buffalo:c5war: Granary:c5gold: Pedro:c5influence: Temple of Artemis:tourism: Shrine:c5production: Trader:c5production: Met all civilizations:c5trade:
    149 - University:c5production: Quadrireme:c5gold: Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion:
    150 - Siege Tactics:c5science: Theater square:c5production: Village (ballistics, economics)
    151 - Belief (Stupa):religion:
    152 - Humanism:c5culture: Missionary:religion: Stupa:religion: Courser:c5moves: Caravel:c5moves: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Matterhorn:c5food: Mohenjo-Daro:c5influence:
    153 - Temple:c5production: Charleston:c5war: Granary:c5gold: Musketman:c5moves: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Johannesburg:c5influence: Giant’s Causeway:c5food:
    154 - Bank:c5production: Holy site:c5production:
    155 - The Enlightenment:c5culture: Harbor:c5production: Chinguetti:c5influence:
    156 - Square Rigging:c5influence: Zou Daguan:greatwork: Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion: Commercial hub:c5production: Industrial zone:c5production: Shrine:c5production:
    157 - Stupa:c5production: Military engineer:c5production: Barracks:c5production:
    158 - Mercantilism:c5culture: Shrine:c5production: Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion:
    159 - Industrialization:c5science: Water mill:c5production: Washington:c5war: Madurai:c5influence: Peace to Roosevelt Monument:c5gold: Granary:c5gold: Water mill:c5gold:
    160 - Forbidden City:tourism: Theater square:c5production: Market:c5production: Denounced Ghandi:c5war: Denounced Pedro:c5war: Builder:c5gold: Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion: Musketman:c5gold: Frigate:c5moves:
    161 - Astronomy:c5science: Khangela:c5puppet: Stupa:c5production: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion:
    162 - Terracotta Army:tourism: Courser:c5gold: Lighthouse:c5production: Temple:c5production: Monument:c5production:
    163 - Colonialism:c5culture: Privateer:c5gold: Military engineer:c5production: Builder:c5production: Holy site:c5production: Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion:
    164 - Builder:c5production: University:c5production: Workshop:c5production: Join war vs Pedro:c5war:
    165 - Steam Power:c5science: Military Science:c5science: Privateer:c5gold: Factory:c5production: Builder:c5production: Temple:c5production: Shrine:c5production: War to Ghandi:c5war:
    166 - Ballistics:c5science: Scientific Theory:c5science: Emergency War from Pedro, Ghandi and Roosevelt:c5war: Builder:c5production: Apostle:religion: Missionary:religion: Chennai:c5war:
    167 - Electricity:c5science: Civil Engineering:c5culture: Embrasure (Victor):c5citizen: Leiden:c5puppet: Shipyard:c5production: Missionary:religion: Apostle:religion:
    168 - Economics:c5science: Amphitheater:c5production: Shrine:c5production: Temple:c5production: Curitiba:c5war: Belief (Sacred Places):religion: Missionary:religion: Apostle:religion: Missionary:religion:
    169 - Nationalism:c5culture: Reyna:c5citizen: Trader:c5production: Stupa:c5production: Delhi:c5war: Line infantry:c5moves: Field cannon:c5moves: Cuirassier:c5moves: Cuirassier:c5moves:
    170 - Rifling:c5science: St. Basil’s Cathedral:tourism: Military academy:c5gold: Military academy:c5gold: Line infantry:c5production: Field cannon:c5moves: Bombard:c5moves: Line infantry:c5moves: Cavalry:c5production: Stupa:c5production: Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion: Fortaleza:c5war: Field cannon:c5moves: Ironclad:c5moves: Cuirassier:c5moves: Field cannon:c5moves: Line infantry:c5moves:
    171 - :c5greatperson:Industrial Era (Golden Age - Hic Sunt Dracones) Cavalry:c5moves: Coal power plant:c5production: Pike and shot:c5moves: Pike and shot:c5moves: Field cannon:c5moves: Barracks:c5production:
    172 - Urbanization:c5culture: Line infantry:c5moves: Builder:c5production: Military academy:c5production: Rio de Janeiro:c5war: Calcuta:c5war: Cuirassier:c5moves: Missionary:religion: Apostle:religion:
    173 - Jakob Fugger:greatwork: Honey Corporation:greatwork: Field cannon:c5moves: Harbor:c5production: Shipyard:c5production: Stupa:c5production: Entertainment complex:c5production: Stupa:c5production: Cavalry:c5moves: Roosevelt destroyed:c5unhappy:
    174 - Factory:c5production: Amphitheater:c5production: Village (+1 envoy) Field cannon:c5moves:
    175 - Mimar Sinan:greatwork:
    176 - Flight:c5science: Scorched Earth:c5culture: Line infantry:greatwork: Field cannon:greatwork: James Young:greatwork: Line infantry**:c5production: Entertainment complex:c5production: Mogadishu♟ Builder:c5gold:
    177 - Refining:c5science: Natural History:c5culture: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Spy:c5production: Ironclad:c5production: Cavalry:c5production: Neighborhood:c5production: Line infantry:c5production: Commercial hub:c5production: Library:c5production: Aukland♟ Submarine:c5moves: Submarine:c5moves: Brasília:c5war: Village (+20 oil) Barbarian encampment:c5war:
    178 - Steel:c5science: Neighborhood:c5production: Temple:c5production: University:c5production: Builder:c5war:
    179 - Builder:c5production: Cuirassier:c5production: Builder:c5production: Artillery:c5moves: Village (+1 pop) Village (chemistry)
    180 - Combustion:c5science: Mobilization:c5culture: Grants (Pingala):c5citizen: Village (+120 gold) Commercial hub:c5production: Artillery:c5moves: Battleship:c5moves:
    181 - Arena:c5production: Water park:c5production: Builder:c5production: Arena:c5production: Apostle:religion: Apostle:religion:
    182 - Alfred Nobel:greatwork: Manaus:c5war: Builder:c5production: Observation balloon:c5production: Line infantry**:c5production: Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion:
    183 - Radio:c5science: Boston:c5puppet: Marina Raskova:greatwork: Industrial zone:c5production: Oil power plant:c5production: Stupa:c5production: Military engineer:c5gold: Trader:c5gold: Library:c5gold: University:c5gold: Workshop:c5gold: Arena:c5production: Market:c5production: Workshop:c5production:
    184 - Hagia Sophia:tourism: Battleship:c5production: Builder:c5production: Aerodrome:c5production: Archaeologist:c5production: Military engineer:c5gold: Barbarian encampment:c5war:
    185 - Conservation:c5culture: Johannesburg♟ Alexander Pushkin:greatwork: Ferris wheel:c5production: Tank:c5moves: Tank:c5moves: Tank**:c5moves: Artillery:c5moves:
    186 - Replaceable Parts:c5science: Pike and shot***:c5production: Workshop:c5production: Water mill:c5production: Artillery:c5moves: Barbarian encampment:c5war:
    187 - Ruhr Valley:tourism: Monument:c5production: Francis Drake:greatwork: Artillery**:c5production: Bank:c5production: Aerodrome:c5production: Entertainment complex:c5production: Galley:religion: Privateer:greatwork: Submarine:c5moves:
    188 - Adam Smith:greatwork: Denounced Victoria:c5war: Denounced John:c5war: Infantry**:c5moves: Infantry**:c5moves: Biplane:c5production:
    189 - Mass Media:c5culture: Rembrant van Rijn:greatwork: Supply convoy:c5production: Aquarium:c5production: Factory:c5production: Zoo:c5production: Researcher (Pingala):c5citizen: Infantry**:c5moves:
    190 - Plastics:c5science: Cleveland:c5puppet: Entertainment complex:c5production: Entertainment complex:c5production: Tank**:c5production: Tank**:c5moves: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Trader:c5production: Theater square:c5production: Zoo:c5production: Armory:c5production: Aerodrome:c5production: Naturalist:religion: Naturalist:religion:
    191 - Srinagar:c5puppet: Shipyard:c5production: Biplane:c5production: Seaport:c5production: University:c5production: Builder:c5gold: Arena:c5production: Saint John:c5food: Missionary:religion: Missionary:religion: Delhi:c5food: Cocoa Corporation:greatwork:
    193 - Combined Arms:c5science: Arena:c5production: Umgungundlovu:c5food: Mountie:c5production: Theater square:c5production: Aerodrome:c5production: Arena:c5production: Military engineer:c5production: War to Victoria:c5war: War to John:c5war: Builder:c5war:
    194 - Advanced Flight:c5science: Ideology:c5culture: Neighborhood:c5production: Barracks:c5production: Oil power plant:c5production: Infantry:c5moves: Amsterdam:c5food: Barbarian encampment:c5war:
    195 - Synthetic Materials:c5science: Sanitation:c5science: James Watt:greatwork: Albert Einstein:greatwork: London:c5war: Builder:c5production: Water park:c5production: Market:c5production: Spy:c5unhappy: Fighter:c5moves: Geelong:c5war: Helicopter**:c5moves: Bomber:c5gold: Bomber:c5gold:
    5:50 (4.5 h) 17:10
    196 - Chemistry:c5science: Totalitarianism:c5culture: Won Emergency War:c5war: Entertainment complex:c5production: Consulate:c5production: Fascism:c5citystate: Market:c5production: Bomber:c5gold: Market:c5production: Village (+20 Uranium) Bombard:greatwork: AT crew:c5moves:
    197 - Colosseum:tourism: Brasilia:c5food: Rio de Janeiro:c5food: Aqueduct:c5production: Zoo:c5production: Fighter:c5production: Helicopter***:c5moves: Artillery:c5moves: Manchester:c5war: Supply convoy:c5moves: Infantry***:c5moves: Galley:c5unhappy:
    198 - Composites:c5science: Professional Sports:c5culture: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:greatwork: Supply convoy:c5moves: Sanctuary:c5production: Arena:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production: Mountie:c5production: Canberra:c5war:
    198 - Cultural Victory:c5happy:

    Spoiler City build order :

    Ottawa:c5capital: (T1): Warrior > Settler > Slinger > Trader € Builder > Settler > Warrior > Warrior > Warrior > Settler > Slinger > Builder > Granary > Campus > Settler > Settler > Water mill > Holy site > Shrine € Heavy chariot > Library > Ancient walls > Catapult > Catapult > Preserve > Temple F Apostle > Grove > Horseman F Missionary > Catapult > Builder > Knight > Trebuchet > Settler > Horseman > Crossbowman > Commercial hub > Market > Trader > Trader > University F Missionary F Missionary > Knight > Spy > Trader > Bank > Stupa > Theater square > Builder > Builder > Amphitheater > Trader > Amphitheater > Spy > Builder > Archaeologist > Supply convoy > Trader > Sanctuary > Neighborhood
    Saint John:c5capital: (T25): Monument > Encampment > Barracks > Spearman > Battering ram > Archer > Archer > Swordsman > Granary > Warrior > Statue of Zeus > Armory > Industrial zone > Aqueduct > Man-at-arms > Campus > Workshop > Military engineer > Water mill € Courser > Military engineer > Line infantry € Military academy > Line infantry** > Line infantry** € Military engineer € Trader € Library € University € Military engineer > Pike and shot*** > Dam > Entertainment complex > Arena > Colosseum > Zoo
    Victoria:c5capital: (T41): Monument > Government plaza > Holy site > Warlord’s throne > Aqueduct > Horseman > Shrine > Temple F Builder F Builder > Builder > Granary > Trader > Heavy chariot F Apostle F Builder > Industrial zone > Workshop F Missionary F Missionary > Foreign ministry > Forbidden City > Factory > Coal power plant > Stupa > Ruhr Valley > Theater square > Neighborhood > Casa de Contratación
    Kingston:c5capital: (T57): Monument Galley > Galley > Monument > Campus > Quadrireme > Quadrireme > Galley F Builder F Builder € Granary € Water mill > Library € Settler > Harbor > Lighthouse € Galley > University > Holy site € Privateer € Privateer > Shipyard > Shrine > Ironclad > Battleship > Battleship > Entertainment complex > Arena > Seaport
    Toronto:c5capital: (T78): € Builder € Water mill > Theater square > Amphitheater > Holy site > Granary > Shrine > Temple > Stupa F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Apostle F Missionary F Apostle F Apostle F Apostle > Hagia Sophia > Entertainment complex > Arena > Aqueduct > Kotou-in
    Winnipeg:c5capital: (T79): Builder > Commercial hub € Granary € Water mill> Market > Campus > Library > University > Entertainment complex > Arena > Bank > Zoo > Aqueduct
    Ulundi:c5war: (T111): F Builder > Repairs > Trader > Diplomatic quarter > University > Theater square > Commercial hub > Market > Builder > Builder > Military academy > Cuirassier > Observation balloon > Tank** > Aerodrome > Consulate € Bomber > Bomber
    Halifax:c5capital: (T126): Holy site > Monument > Water mill > Granary € Builder > Shrine > Temple > Temple of Artemis F Stupa > St. Basil’s Cathedral > Harbor > Neighborhood > Water park > Ferris wheel > Aquarium > Theater square > Builder > Lighthouse > Shipyard
    Umgungundlovu:c5war: (T128): Repairs > Ancient walls € Builder > University > Terracotta Army > Cavalry € Military academy > Cavalry > Artillery** > Mountie > Mountie > Commercial hub
    Guelph:c5capital: (T133): € Builder € Quadrireme > Holy site > Harbor > Shrine F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary > Lighthouse > Temple F Apostle F Missionary F Apostle F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary > Stupa > Builder > Neighborhood > Builder > Builder > Industrial zone > Workshop > Monument > Shipyard > Water park > Ferris wheel
    Tilburg:c5war: (T134): Repairs € Builder > Industrial zone > Workshop > Factory > Oil power plant > Aerodrome > Biplane > Biplane
    Amsterdam:c5war: (T138): Repairs F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary > Barracks > Temple > Stupa > Line infantry > Builder € Builder > Eiffel Tower
    Rotterdam:c5war: (T143): Repairs > Shrine > Shipyard > Temple > Stupa > Seaport > Neighborhood
    Philadelphia:c5war: (T143): € Monument € Granary € Water mill > Holy site > Shrine > Temple > Stupa > Commercial hub F Missionary F Missionary > Aerodrome > Biplane F Missionary F Missionary > Fighter > Market
    Buffalo:c5war: (T148): € Granary € Builder > Monument > Entertainment complex > Arena € Workshop > Zoo > Factory
    Charleston:c5war: (T153): € Granary > Repairs > Barracks > University > Builder > Armory > Military academy
    Washington:c5war: (T159): Repairs € Musketman > Arena > Zoo > Military engineer > Market > Oil power plant
    Madurai:c5influence: (T159): Monument € Granary € Water mill > Commercial hub > Aerodrome € Bomber € Bomber > Market
    Khangela:c5puppet: (T161): Repairs > Library > Water mill > Barracks > Armory
    Chennai:c5war: (T166): Repairs > Market > Military academy
    Leiden:c5puppet: (T167): Repairs > University > Builder
    Curitiba:c5war: (T168): Repairs
    Delhi:c5war: (T169): Repairs € Builder > Broadcast center
    Fortaleza:c5war: (T170): Repairs > Market > Barracks
    Rio de Janeiro:c5war: (T172): Repairs > Workshop > Factory > Oil power plant > Market > Research lab
    Calcuta:c5war: (T172): Repairs > Arena
    Brasília:c5war: (T177): Repairs > Commercial hub
    Manaus:c5war: (T182): Repairs
    Boston:c5puppet: (T183): Entertainment complex > Arena > Zoo
    Cleveland:c5puppet: (T190): Repairs > Commercial hub
    Srinagar:c5puppet: (T191): Harbor
    London:c5war: (T195): Repairs
    Geelong:c5war: (T195): Repairs
    Manchester:c5war: (T197): Repairs
    Canberra:c5war: (T198): Repairs

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  6. isopaha

    isopaha Warlord

    Mar 18, 2008
    Helsinki, Finland
    DV T195.

    Contemplated long whether I should even start this, as I'm not a fan of domination and the landscape looked challenging in the opening screenshot. However, this turned out much easier than I thought. Most of the time my army was 70% siege, with trebuchets doing perhaps the most work, while upgraded bombards also participated (with balloons later) quite well and artilleries finished the business. None of the AIs really built units, so the question was about attacking cities and moving units fast enough. Barbarian galleys harrassed my unescorted land units on their way over seas, but my units were so advanced they were not much damaged.

    I also went Goddess of the Hunt, but did not bother with religion. Canada was surprisingly good for this, with some strong cities. Just had to remember to denounce leaders early, though the golden age casus belli later helped.

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  7. tarafran

    tarafran Warlord

    Nov 21, 2012
    DV turn 131
    Settled in place followed by 3 more cities. Focused on science first for catapults and swords and GS then encampments for GG .
    Picked Goddess of the Hunt
    Early war with the Zulus going up the continent pillaging everything .
    Built temple of Zeus in my cap for my 2nd army to swim toward a new city founded on the niter north of the second populated continent.
    Built terra-cotta in later game.
    3 golden ages: 2 monumentality 1 safe traders
    One army went toward Brazil the other toward the US then England.
    Got the Indian cap with a Navy.
    I lost 2/3 turns with a late denunciation of England.
    Easy game , just had to concentrate for the first 2 Golden Ages.
    Most of the cities had no wall and small armies
    Thanks for another great game

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  8. leif erikson

    leif erikson Game of the Month Fanatic Administrator Supporter GOTM Staff

    Feb 2, 2003
    Plymouth, MA
    This game is closed for submissions as time has run out.

    You may continue to post here and attach saves if you wish. Results will include games above this post.
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