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Oct 18, 2022
A bit late to the party but still posting it :
T225 CV. Had an early war with the mayas, got two cities out of it and plenty of luxury and then started building up my empire. Managed to keep the peace with all other AIs (except England who went to war with Vietnam while I was in an alliance with them). Got a couple of loyalty flip from Aliénor which was quite a good surprise.
Probably waited too long before going for projects (and during my first one, I had luxury traded away to other civs...), especially since I lost time on two unfinished wonders (Forbidden City and Oracle I think). I wanted to combine aviation with a good industrial city and my Petra + mines city to pump out city projects (with Hong Kong) but I should have just gone for the projects right away - they are way too powerful on a map with as many luxuries.
Impressed by all the very quick victories here, I guess I could have gone for 170-180 if I had not delayed as long the projects. Good thing to remember for next time : always press your civ avantage :D


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