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6otM57 After Action

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Game Of The Month' started by leif erikson, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Eurritz

    Eurritz Chieftain

    May 13, 2019
    CV with 299 turns.

    I settled 18 cities and captured 2.

    I beelined Flight then kept randomly researching techs. But for civics I went for the one that gives mouseums, then naturalist and then democracy.

    Only Preslav and Hattusa.

    I built lots of galleys and a few quadriennes in the beginning of the game. I built a knight and horseman just for envoys.

    Not quite, but it gave me a few era points era by building its unique fort.

    Naturalists. I spammed half the north island with parks.

    It avoided me a war, I guess? Also I won a nobel competition with these diplomacy points.

    The industrial city-states were the most useful to me, I just wonder-spammed until it wasnt possible anymore.

    There was a religion which gave me 4 faith to my wonders (buddhism), and there was another that could by theather buildings with faith (islam), I tried to keep both of them.

    Wonder-spamming, lots of art museums (and a few archaelogy too), natural park spamming and ski-resorts. Later on the game I used rock bands.

    Dark classical, heroic medieval, dark renaiscence (by one point!), heroic modern, normal atomic and information. My strategy is avoid dark ages whenever possible.

    I took a desert island near Mali and Ottomans, and loyalty was dropping (dark age sucks) even with monument and viktor and a card with +2 loyalty from governors.. Luckily I got an heroic age few turns later and everything was alright.

    I got really surprised by the flood because after the patch Ive always won before the melting. And it started to flood two turns before I finish computer research. Thanks I won 5 or 6 turns later.
    I was really surprised that Sweden censored my rock bands, so they had to go to Norway (and it wasnt quite as effective).


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