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(7-27) Buff Fealty Policies Organized Religion and Divine Right

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Oct 3, 2013
Current: Fealty has some policies that are rather left behind.
Divine Right has -2 boredom and 25% of happiness converted to culture in each city. A fairly boring (ha ha) bonus that gives fairly tame yields with the modern happiness numbers.
Organized Religion has 50% passive pressure from your cities under your religion against other religions' cities (wordy bonus but makes sense I think), and +1 faith from specialists.

Divine Right becomes:
-1 boredom,
50% of happiness to Culture and 50% of happiness to Tourism,
"Settling a City or Capturing a City triggers an Historic Event"

notes: 1) the boredom to -1 is to balance the additional yields from happiness conversion. 2) The strength of the historic event would be the same as new era from the palace.

Organized Religion gains "+1 gold for every 5 followers of your majority religion in the world"

Discussion: Clearly this is a straight up buff to Fealty. Personally I am of the opinion that Fealty is not as strong as Statecraft or Artistry, though clearly there are many caveats to that. I think these changes would strengthen Fealty in areas where a player wanting to make the most of Religion might want to go, rather than just cranking up some numbers that everyone would enjoy. In the case of the Divine Right happiness conversion I do think this is justified because of how low the numbers are, but if someone convinces me otherwise I'm happy to scratch that part. A +gold for followers option was a nostalgic nod to the CivIV religion mechanic, where you could turn Great Prophet into great profit (ageless joke).

Spoiler Other options that didn't make the cut: :

  • Also considered for Divine Right: "Converting a City to your Majority Religion for the first time triggers an Historic Event"
    But it was felt that Arabia could use this trigger for their UA to go absolutely bananas, especially on larger maps.
  • I also considered adding a source of Golden Age Points, instead of Tourism or Gold, since there is a Founder Belief that would like that.
    However they have been mostly eradicated and I didn't want to draw the ire of the pineapple.
  • I also considered something like +% faith during Golden Ages, like Rationalism and Artistry have for Sci and Culture.
    But I felt the faith economy should probably be left alone in the interests of balance, especially in light of the other Fealty proposal.
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Check me, does an historic event get yields by default, or would we need to specify the exact amount this event would grant?
You need to specify the strength of the historic event (aka what percent of total per-turn + instant (tourism + 20% culture) from the past 10 turns).
So let’s brass tax this. Divine right…this would now be a tourism policy. The problem as always with tourism is it’s a secondary yield, you don’t care if your not going CV.

Maybe it’s effective enough to make fealty a good CV play, maybe not. But it’s not any sexier for the majority of people that would use fealty
The problem as always with tourism is it’s a secondary yield, you don’t care if your not going CV.
You care less, sure. I think you still care for ideologies and so forth. I do, anyway.

But it’s not any sexier for the majority of people that would use fealty
Maybe, and I think that's ok. You will get double the current culture output also.

On the strength of the event, I have updated to specify 5 turns.
I have updated to specify 5 turns.
There's still a divisor different per historic event type that's in the DLL only. Which is why I specifically said "percent".

5 turns means 50%, and the divisor is usually 5 (10%), 10 (5%), or 15 (3.33%).

Other historic event sources:
Bazaar (to major TR): 4%
Caravansary (to major land TR): 6.67%
Harbor (to major sea TR): 6.67%
Zoo (to major TR): 3.33%
Palace (to GP birth): 4.67% + 2% if picked Futurism
Palace (to new era): 7% + 3% if picked Futurism
Palace (to World Wonder): 14% + 6% if picked Futurism
Palace (to war victory): 14% + 6% if picked Futurism
Artistry (to archaeological dig): 3%
Artistry (to GA): 8%
Statecraft (to CS TR): 8%
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I don't think fealty needs a buff. The opener and the finisher are strong, and fealty is indispensable for religious play. Divine Right may look uninteresting, but the -2 Boredom is often very helpful. Organized Religion is weak, that's true.
@azum4roll If I say "strength is equal to Palace (to new era): 7%", does that completely define it?
Should be good enough for voters. Sponsors can interpret it as a strength of 7 and a divisor of 10.
Right, I get it now. It's a bit weird there are two numbers but I'm sure there was a good reason for doing it.
Last minute sponsored.
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