(7-45) Khan Gains Medic I and II Promotions

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Sep 13, 2015
Spoiler Related healing promotions, relevant parts underlined :
Enhanced Medic (Mongolia, Khan's unique promotion)
+10 HP when Healing for Units on or adjacent to this tile.
10 Damage to Enemy Units ending their turn adjacent to this Unit.
This Damage ignores damage reduction, but does not affect Units in Cities and Fortifications.

Medic I
+5 HP when Healing for Units on or adjacent to this tile.

Medic II
+5 HP when Healing for Units on or adjacent to this tile.
+5 HP when Healing Outside of Friendly Territory.

  • The Khan gains Medic I and Medic II promotions.


The bonus healing from Khan's unique promotion doesn't stack with the healing from Medic promotions of allied units due to how the parameters they use work (SameTileHealChange and AdjacentTileHealChange); they only stack if it comes from the same unit. As such, if a Khan is near an allied unit with Medic II, the Khan's ability is wasted, as any unit near both the Medic II and the Khan will heal as if the latter wasn't there. Players unfamiliar with the civ may end disappointed when finding out they don't get a +20 HP from having both a Khan and a Medic II around, as they may expect these two to stack. In the end, given how often and how easily players train a few ranged units with Medic promotions, this unique part of Mongolia's kit quickly loses relevance compared to what other civs can already do with a generic archer or skirmisher.

Adding both Medic I and II means both promotions get to stack with the Khan's Enhanced Medic, keeping the unique promotion relevant even as other civs get their own +10 HP Medic II units. And as to why not just raise the Khan's healing, instead of adding Medic I and II: adding the Medic promotions communicates to new Mongolia players that they are not meant to be training other Medic units in hopes of stacking it with the Khan's ability. It helps avoiding a noob trap, and the subsequent disappointment it entails.
+20 HP. The second part of Medic II should apply only to the unit with Medic II, not to the other units.
Isn’t Mongolia already super strong? Why are they getting such a large buff? If you are moving the healing to medic, why not lower or remove the healing from their unique promotion?
No, they're performing consistently around rank 41 for multiple patches.
Depend if on player hands or IA hands, I suppose.
Just tested a run with them, and they are already very strong.
I wouldn't mind removing heal from base promotion, it would be clearer that those promotions doesn't stack.
having mongol armies healing 25-35HP each turn when near a khan doesn’t seem like a very good idea. This would make units with March all-but immune to non-fatal damage. Their combat bonuses already feel plenty powerful in human hands; I would look at buffing the Ger or the Ordo instead.
There's the option to tone down the healing by 5, so that the Khan increases healing by 15, instead of 20.

The purpose of this proposal is mainly to keep the Khan's ability from being quickly obsoleted by simply having a Medic II Archer or Skirmisher running around, both in Mongolia's army, and in relation to what other civs are doing. I wouldn't mind a counterproposal replacing the Khan's heal for something else.
The advantage is that you don't need to waste XP and tile space to get a Medic, similar to the Siege Tower.
Also having a 4 move civilian unit that can move beneath your military units for the best healing position is very useful Vs other medic units that need to shuffle. Even if you have medic archers, the khan is still better.
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