A question about hubble and spawning GS


Feb 1, 2023
Hi all, sorry if this is a really specific question, but I am trying to do a sub 185 (standard speed) science victory, and I am listing down all the optimizations I can get. I have a question about the spawn order of the great scientists from hubble and the great scientist from cities. If my city will spawn a GS next turn, if I build a hubble and rush it with a GE this turn, will the hubble GS spawn first, raising the GS cost, or will the GS from the city spawn first, then the hubble GS spawn? Asking because this could shave a turn off in bulbing, and I need all the turns I can get.
If all of this happens in one city, you'll get all 3 scientists, as the game will spawn the natural GS first, then the two Hubble ones.

If Hubble and natural GS are in different cities, it depends on which city had been settled (or captured) earlier. The game processes your capital first, then your first expo, then second, and so on. You can check the city order in the City List info panel in the top left corner of the screen. Or click on the capital and press your right arrow key, that will cycle through the cities in the correct order as well.

So if your natural GS is to spawn in the capital, and you engineer Hubble in an expo, you'll spawn all 3 GSs next turn. But if your natural GS is to spawn in an expo, and you engineer Hubble in the capital, you'll only get the Hubble ones.
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