A Serious Proposal to address adding Unit Stacking


Oct 24, 2021
Freiburg, Germany
I think choosing which unit from the stack you attack would make more sense. The balance wouldn't be too far off. And just generally only letting 2 units stack would be simpler and less gamebraking


Mar 11, 2006
well, you can take a look at CvPlot::getUnitLimit() and CvUnit::CountStackingUnitsAtPlot()

the former in particular already allows for modification depending on the presence of improvements and other units (not on technology though but that would be an easy addition)

CvPlot::getBestDefender() also works with unit stacks (probably inherited from CIV IV)

so the basics are there, but there are lots of other spots where the AI simply will not put multiple units in a plot, most importantly the tactical AI is built with a 1UPT assumption.

also you might have to fix the UI, plus do a lot of balance changes.

so overall, an interesting experiment but far too late in the project.

personally I don't even feel that 1UPT is such a problem - it's nice to be able to see all units - and there are other ways to combat unit spam, eg reduce supply or increase cost and maintenance.


Aug 9, 2017
Just flying by after a few months away from the game to drop a comment: "Give AoE/splash dmg to siege/bomber/missile units and increase their range"

Idk why ppl still suggesting boring things like small changes in yield here and there just to justify a theme, and forgetting that this is still a board game which benefits more from fun gameplay on the map (including combat and, to a minor extend, tile improvements) rather than some number crunching on the city/policy/science/... screens.


Dec 29, 2022
But have you or have you not run into issues where you cannot push or be pushed from an area of a map during a war because there are more units than the map allows and loss rates for either side are less than the replacement rates. This causes stagnation that can go on for a very long time.
And wars greatly slow down game speed
And on larger maps + higher difficulty the problems compound with ever greater unit limits for both sides.
And it gets old, tiring and boring to spend thirty turns trying to take a single city only to have dozens of damaged units to show for it.
(because the ai in this mod is as nearly as good as the player at rotating units out to safety)
I think this is one of the main positives of the single unit system. I think of the western front in WWI. They stagnated for years while sending troops into the meat grinder. I'm sure it was incredibly frustrating for the leaders of those countries whom thought that the battles would be won decisively and quickly only to turn into a war of attrition where resources like supplies and men dwindled, objectives were nearly impossible to achieve, millions dying, and the support of the people waning. The only way to win was to come up with new tactics or technology, or win the war of attrition at great cost.

It also highlights the importance of setting up your civilization in defensible positions. If your civ is in a wide open area you're going to need a large army to defend it. If you're set up in narrow passes or mountainous regions, you can defend a lot with a little. This mirrors real war. On the western front, entire assaults were held back with only a few machine gunners.


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Aug 17, 2005
There's a 2UPT mod that works with vox populi, just get that
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