A tale of Power , Trade and Strategy


Apr 27, 2002
Bratislava, Slovakia
Well this all happened in a Civilization Test of Time Game. I created the Slovaks by editing the Vikings. Early on i created a big rival...The Russians. They were my closest neighbors and 'took up too much space'. My Empire controled the far East while the Russians were a conection between me and the West(Egypt, Zulus, Britons and Germans). I tried conquering the early on...but always failed. Their main cities were stationed around a huge lake which was in the center of the World. On the other side were the Britts.

When I build the Marco Polo Embasy i began the meatings with the Britts and Egyptians. They turned out to be my allies.

Time passed and my empire grew milaticly, economicaly, populationaly and of course grew in size. At the Year of 1755 i invided the Russians using my frontal attack of my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th artilery Brigade. They were supported by th 34th and 35th Foot Regiment and the 4th Air Battalion. I captured two of their main cities (Svestapol and Odesa ) from there i began opperations. I build up my Tank Brigades and invided the other side of the lake. After a few turns i had Every city but two. Then in the West a War broke out. The Zulus(in the north...paradox paradox) attacked the British and the Egyptians. I was asked for aide. I imediately prepared armor invasions throught the former Russian Areas. I staked 2 transports full of tanks and invaded. All i could do is stop the Zulus at two major fronts. I began reparations of the Cities saved. I had to support the British somehow. Then the Imperial Navy takes it's role. The Battelships Bratislava, Kosice, Banska Bystrica, Banska Stiavnica and Presov came to support the british soldiers on foot. They were a huge success. Then the Battle ships of Nitra, Zilina ,Levice and Trencin aided the old ones. The Zulus seemed to be stoped.l Then as my major invasion of 4 transports of tanks came the Zulu charged once more. They faught through what i had. Then the main battle started. The Zulus seemed to be on top, but after the aide of the Egyptians from the south and the Capture of Canterbury and Newcastle(Held by the Zulus) they started loosing. They lost all of the British cities they had conquered. The Invasion drove them into the very north and back to their home land....

This is where the books stop...
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