A vote for Social Engineering

Select the better (Politics/Economy/Values) combo

  • 1. Police State, Green, and Power

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  • 2. Democratic, Free Market, and Knowledge

    Votes: 1 100.0%

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Sep 22, 2009
Also, would your opinion change:
if you had these Special Projects Completed,
assuming you survived and thrived the beginning of the game?

1. Police State = Ascetic Virtues (stacking police bonus to double its effectiveness)
Green = Cloning Vats (population boom bonus; no more negative growth advantadge)
Power = Command Nexus (stacking morale bonus; better at fighting)

2. Democratic =
Empath Guild (voting increased based on pop growth)
Free Market = Telepathic Matrix (bases never riot)
Knowledge = Hunter-Seeker Algorithm (probe team immunity)

Choosing a Faction to best meet the strategy is key too.

Imo, both the Spartan and the Gaian factions, I wouldn't choose because
either the +1 police or -1 police doesn't benefit them.
Gaians cant profit from a Free Market gain, so that cant even be considered.
Gaians police effect wouldn't be enough to justify the Police State path, even with the Special Project.
Spartans cant benefit from a Police State gain until the Police State project can be built. (no effect)
Spartans cant use +1 police to a good advantadge using Free Markets. (ok, so 1 less drone outside borders)

Imo, the Morgans have a hard time before Democratic because of their -1 support. (formers).
Imo, the Morgans have a hard time after Democratic because Lal is the likely governor; not him.
So, I wouldn't choose the Morganites. Also, the Hab Complex at Size 4 is a huge minus.

Therefore, its either the:
University, Believers, Hive, or Peacekeepers.

And, I think, I can see merit in each one:
What if, the University choose option 2. (Stacking Knowledge is very good for them, w/ their significant lead in research, and a Free Market should magnify it even further, while they grow at a good rate).
What if, the Believers choose option 1. (probably very good for them given the units, morale, and probe).
What if, the Hive choose option 1. (that means they have +1 growth early on and Cloning Vats later too).
What if, the Peacekeepers, choose option 2. (happiness, children's creche, and democratic = pop boom! Just combine it with Free Market and knowledge, which are free resources for a large population)

But, I am somewhat undecided. What are your thoughts?
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