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Secret Projects and Social Engineering.

Discussion in 'Alpha Centauri' started by Concept, Jun 5, 2021.

  1. Concept

    Concept Chieftain

    Sep 22, 2009
    Which Secret Projects go well with which Social Engineering options?

    Police State = Ascetic Virtues. (Reason: +1 police with any Faction will see +3 police (effect doubled)).
    A. except for the Gaians, who start with -1 police, not recieving the full benefit of the combo.
    B. except for the Spartans, who start with +1 police, netting the same with or without this SE and Secret Project combo.
    C. except for the Peacekeeping Forces, who have a Police State Aversion.
    Democratic = Ascetic Virtues. (Reason: +2 Hab from AV combines well with +2 Growth from Democratic).

    Fundamentalist = Hunter-Seeker Algorithm. (Reason: this Denies opponent's defensive possibilities, keeping offensive Probe Teams useful).
    Knowledge = Hunter-Seeker Algorithm (Reason: this is the defensive possibility, denying the usefulness of opponent's offensive Probe Teams).

    Free Market = Telepathic Matrix. (Reason: This is a better solution than Punishment Spheres for the -5 Police Rating).

    Power = Cloning Vats. (Reason: for the -2 industry penalty from Power is to be erased).
    Green = Cloning Vats. (Reason: Pop Boom from Cloning Vats doesn't care about negative 2 growth from Green).

    There are alot of other Secret Projects that go well with specific SE options. What are they? Does the Command Nexus go better with Wealth to negate its minus, or with Power to stack its morale bonus, or with another choice like Free Market because its needed against mind worms from its -3 Planet Rating?

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