Achievement Saves (for the lazy and/or the frustrated people out there)

So this is Yokes on the Mongols. I had never bothered to download that big zip file at the beginning of this thread because I wanted to do a lot of these by myself. However, this scenario is so tedious and time consuming that I decided to finally lighten the load and just so happens this achievement is in there. Major props to the guy that did this and cheers for the achievement!


  • Leones_ITR-Russian-win.Civ5Save
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This is Modern Major-General: Win the Smoky Skies Scenario; the one in the zip file is one step away from winning, but the next turn a rival completes a wonder which resets the victory conditions. Anyway, this one definitely works.


  • Luther Griggs_0119 AD-1919.Civ5Save
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This is the Sky Admiral achievement.


  • Luther Griggs_0118 AD-1918.Civ5Save
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This is Yuri-ka and the last achievement I needed. Good luck to all who find these files useful in the future and many thanks to all the contributors that made the grind less of one for me!


  • Washington_0452 AD-2026-January.Civ5Save
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Here's some non-exhaustive Wonders of the Ancient World scenario achievements. I did these a few months ago so I don't remember the context, but hopefully my labels are correct.

Edit: I should also attempt to give some context in case you're like me and just want to blindly download scenario achievements without knowing what the scenario is. The (simplified) goal is to have all the wonders available in the scenario to be built, and to be the civ with the most of them. I believe in all of these saves except the Muwatallis one, you just need to hit Next Turn until you win because either you, the player, are building the last wonder, or you're just waiting for another civ to build the last wonder. In the Muwatallis one, I think you need to conquer Persia (units should be right outside to take it) for an achievement, and then you can Next Turn to victory.

Wonders 4 Darius I_0208.Civ5Save - unlocks Thoughtful Telemachus - Win on Prince and It satrap! - Win as Darius I.

Wonders 5 Ramesses II_0181.Civ5Save - unlocks Ra's Mighty Truth - Win as Ramesses II and Odysseus the Great Tactician - Win on King.

Wonders 6 Ramesses II_0187.Civ5Save - unlocks Ra's Mighty Truth - Win as Ramesses II and Far-Shooting Apollo - Win on Emperor.

Wonders 7 Ramesses II_0143.Civ5Save - unlocks Ra's Mighty Truth - Win as Ramesses II and Bright-Eyed Athena - Win on Immortal.

Wonders 8 Ramesses II_0121.Civ5Save - unlocks Ra's Mighty Truth - Win as Ramesses II and All-Achieving Zeus - Win on Deity.

Wonders Alexander_0202.Civ5Save - unlocks Grecian Formula - Win as Alexander.

Wonders Muwatallis_0204.Civ5Save - unlocks Party in hattUSA - Win as Muwatallis. I am almost certain this also unlocks Reverse Engineer - Capture three wonders by conquering enemy cities and that you need to take the Persian city in order to then have enough wonders to win.

Wonders Gilgamesh_0199.Civ5Save - Epic Gilgamesh - Win as Gilgamesh.

Three achievements (Bolt and Arrow, Know Thy Enemy, and Wonderwall) aren't reflected in the saves above, but they should be easy enough to grind out on settler difficulty.


  • Wonders 4 Darius I_0208.Civ5Save
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  • Wonders 5 Ramesses II_0181.Civ5Save
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  • Wonders 6 Ramesses II_0187.Civ5Save
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  • Wonders 7 Ramesses II_0143.Civ5Save
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  • Wonders 8 Ramesses II_0121.Civ5Save
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  • Wonders Alexander_0202.Civ5Save
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  • Wonders Muwatallis_0204.Civ5Save
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  • Wonders Gilgamesh_0199.Civ5Save
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This is the We Are Family achievement. Just spread your religion to Venice.

Bustin Kaps posted a save for this on page 26, but I couldn't use it because I didn't have all the DLC, so I made one of my own with all the DLC (except G&K and BNW) disabled. The tutorial for single player (if you really want to do it yourself) is to do a standard map with two civs (I chose Celts and Venice and no city-states; I probably should have also turned off barbarians to make it less annoying but I forgot). I then founded a second city (as the Celts) and after I got my first Great Prophet, I made the second city my holy city. Then with the next Great Prophet, while my capital was still just a pantheon instead of my religion, I spread my religion to Venice. tl;dr: capital must be pantheon; second city must be holy city for your religion; use prophet to spread to the other civ (NOT yourself).


  • Boudicca_0113 Family.Civ5Save
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I looked in the big ZIP from the beginning of the post in the hopes that they'd have some of the achievements I was lacking, and they did. I am attaching them here as well. Note that EUI doesn't play well with some of these (Scramble for Africa specifically), so keep that in mind. This contains chunks of Scramble for Africa, Into the Renaissance, and all of Fall of Rome.

BNW_sfa [Brent] - Deity Boer Victory.Civ5Save - unlocks Praise the Victories - Win the Scramble for Africa playing as the Boers on Deity and I Prefer my Africa Scrambled - Win the Scramble for Africa scenario as any Civ on any difficulty. Just hit next turn.

BNW_sfa [Hyperion529] - Nigerian Bank Account.Civ5Save - unlocks Nigerian Bank Account - In Scramble for Africa, marry Sokoto or Bornu. Click on Sokoto from the notifications and choose the diplomatic marriage option.

BNW_sfa [Mesix] - Capetown to Cairo Railroad.Civ5Save - unlocks The Rhodes Colossus - Playing as England in Scramble for Africa, complete a railroad from Cairo to Capetown. Use the worker to construct a railroad.

BNW_sfa [Mesix] - Italian Discoverer.Civ5Save - unlocks Discoverer - Playing as Italy in Scramble for Africa, earn the VP for finding two Natural Wonders. Move the rifleman one tile south.

BNW_sfa [Zinlana] - Ottoman Deity.Civ5Save - unlocks Ottoman Carpentry - Win the Scramble for Africa playing as the Ottomans on Deity and I Prefer my Africa Scrambled - Win the Scramble for Africa scenario as any Civ on any difficulty. Just hit next turn.

Dretar_GK_Pax-Romana-Aeternum.Civ5Save - unlocks Et tu, Brute - Win the scenario and Pax Romana Aeternum - Win the game as Eastern or Western Rome on Deity, and have all your original cities under your control.

ggmoyang_Fall_of_Rome_3_Achievements.Civ5Save - unlocks I Sunk Your Imperial Capital! - Capture Rome as the Vandals using a boat (after taking Rome) and Turks Shmurks! - Capture Constantinople as any enemy power and Double KO - Capture both Rome and Constantinople in the same game (after taking Constantinople - NOT Istanbul as the achievement description says).

ggmoyang_I_Missed_That_Day_in_History_Class.Civ5Save - unlocks I Missed That Day in History Class - Capture any Sassanid city as the Celts. Take Amida with the Celts.

ggmoyang_Mehmet_the_Conqueror.Civ5Save - unlocks Mehmet the Conqueror - As the Turks, conquer Istanbul on Deity. Use the frigates to attack Constantinople and then take it with privateers. This may take a few turns.

Leones_ITR_NeverTakeOurFreedom.Civ5Save - unlocks Never take our freedom! - Win as The Celts on Emperor or above. Not sure if you have to use the active unit to attack the city, but I did and then hit next turn. The win triggered after that.

That's it for me. Thanks to everyone who posted saves here!


  • BNW_sfa [Brent] - Deity Boer Victory.Civ5Save
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  • BNW_sfa [Hyperion529] - Nigerian Bank Account.Civ5Save
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  • BNW_sfa [Mesix] - Capetown to Cairo Railroad.Civ5Save
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  • BNW_sfa [Mesix] - Italian Discoverer.Civ5Save
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  • BNW_sfa [Zinlana] - Ottoman Deity.Civ5Save
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  • Dretar_GK_Pax-Romana-Aeternum.Civ5Save
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  • ggmoyang_Fall_of_Rome_3_Achievements.Civ5Save
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  • ggmoyang_I_Missed_That_Day_in_History_Class.Civ5Save
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  • ggmoyang_Mehmet_the_Conqueror.Civ5Save
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  • Leones_ITR_NeverTakeOurFreedom.Civ5Save
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Thank you for posting your save files here, I finally managed to unlock all the achievements of the game! Here's mine, just load the save and capture Venice with the remaining hoplite. This should unlock the following achievements:
Conquest of the World
The Man Who Would Be King
Battlefield Earth
Baby Steps
Exterminate! Exterminate!


  • Alexander_0034 BC-1960.Civ5Save
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