adding a unit from civ edit


Feb 25, 2002
how do i add a new unit animation from the civ edit hacked version, lets say i have that really sweet crossbowman animation, how do i make it into a map? please explain

ps why was my other help post deleted what did i do???
how to create a unit in hacked civedit:

- Load civ3mod.bic file (in your civ folder)
- goto Rules menu, select Edit Units
- click the Add button
- name your unit
- set the stats
- click close
- save the file

make sure you put the animations and sounds for your unit in a subfolder of the \art\units\(unit name) folder.
what's wrong with me and my computers? (i use the plural on purpous i've tried it on 3 different computers) I name the unit.... ok i add the stats.... ok i go to put an animation on him.... the animation i downloaded isn't listed. i go to the art/units folder. i see the folder my unit is in, it's named correctly. i look in the folder to see if everythings there... it is. i open the Flics up with flicster... they work.

what is my problem?
The Icon you select doesn't apply the animations, it applies the build queue image. The animations are found by looking for a folder named the same as the unit. To add a new icon you must edit units_32.pcx. Place the pic before the last 8 pics. In other words before the privateer. Hope this helps.
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