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adding religions?


Sep 12, 2007

can religions be added in Civ 4?

because im looking to add some form of egyptian religion... i dont think it has a specific name other then 'polytheism'.
besides that i was also thinking about: atheism and paganism/Heathens... though the special building for atheists might be slightly problematic.. and as i guess we can have a long discussion about pagans and heathens vs real religion + origin... hehe. i still think id be cool.

has any such 'mod' ever been made yet?
and would it be hard?

i guess it'll need a place in the tech tree... a new icon and a little introduction image/movie like most religions.. + ofcourse a missionary, an and a series of special buildings. (little piramid/tomb for egytians. a tree for pagans.. and a .... (arcade hall?) for atheists..

i basicly know 0 about modding...
but i guess thats kinda obvious for the more experienced forum members reading this post.

im also new to this forum, so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask for information concerning all this :)

There are diverse mods around here, adding religions. Check out this one. It is kind of out of scale with 43 religions, but i think the easiest way to get what you want might be to take it and delete the religions you do not want.


There might be more/different useful stuff in the Mod Components forum. So you might want to browse there...

PS.: Haven't we been talking about this lately ? Or do i confuse you with someone else... :rolleyes:
thanks woodelf for the link (i saw lots of your add-ons in the download section).. i will look into it and see if i can adjust that mod refar reffered me too (the one with 43 religions). i already read it before posting this, but it looked pretty hardcore... 43 religions O.o hehe... just a couple would be ok with me. after that ill see if i can add a new civilization (Getting ambitious now i saw the number of how to's -- Cant wait to be lord Rahl and rule over my D'Haran empire (for those wo read the sword of truth series))

to refar: this is my second post on these forums :) and i havent discussed any Civ 4 topics with anyone in real life.. so i doubt it:) it would make a great topic though.. i was kinda dissapointed firaxis didnt add more religions together with the new civilizations. being an aztec/egyption/viking/celt/and so on doesnt give a lot of realistic choices... so i basicly always go with buddhism.. since its the nicest real world religion and has a cool picture :p (the egyptianistic religion from the 43 topic has a reallly cool picture too! cant wait to have that on my citys) anyway.. have to find some time to get into this 'modding' ... i doubt its more fun then actually playing the game ;)

and sorry about posting in the wrong spot. saw the sticky too late.
Funny. I had a discussion with a friend (real life) whos idea's where exactly like yours - or at least very similar.
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