Civilization IV mod issue

Oct 21, 2023
Hey, I'm here to ask for some help. I downloaded Fictionalization IV, and whenever I try to play the mod, it goes through what you'd expect for a mod until I get blasted with a whole bunch of errors about XML files not loading. Is there any way I can fix this and have the mod run properly? I've always wanted to play this mod and I need help from people who are much better at this than I am.

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I didn't think I needed the expansions to play the mod, so no, I didn't put it in the Beyond the Sword mods folder. As for the 3.19 patch, I don't have it. Are these important for getting the mod to work? If so, I'll get to it as soon as I get an answer.
Okay, so a quick update. I put the mod in the Beyond the Sword mods folder, and since I did see that the game is already at 3.19 because it's the Steam version, I don't need to worry about the patch. My problem now is that the mod isn't showing up in the Load a Mod menu. What now?
Belay that. A quick Google search revealed I put the mod in the wrong place. It work now kthxbye
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