Additional Option on the World Tracker: "Government"


Nov 1, 2019
A new option in the world tracker panel: A different approach for those who often forget to change their policies when the government unlocks. There is a mod that adds a popup at the appropriate time. The following suggested mod would present the government as a top layer option for the main game view, just like the research and civics options do for your being able to quickly glance at them and think about them without ever having to open a screen. If anyone else is like me or has alternate solutions, please feel free to post any comments here.

What I would like is a panel that shows my government policies. The normal cards are far too large to put into the panel without using up a lot of space. What might be ok, is snipping the title bar of the policy card and the foot bar (where the numbers are placed when using the Extended Policy Cards mod) and putting them together without the body of the card. So, all you would see is the name of the card and their effects immediately underneath the name (if using the Extended Policy Cards mod). Then there would be a small gap before the next policy. The colors would be retained so military would be red, economic would be darkish gold, and so on. If you click on one of the policies in the World Tracker, it opens the My Government screen.

Underneath the final policy in the World Tracker, the next button will look like it is from the bottom of the Change Policies screen (under government). That button shows the amount you have to pay to unlock your government or it says to "Assign All Policies". Shortening it might mean making the button read "Change Policies (X amount)", but if the button from the Change Policies screen could just be duplicated into the world tracker and still work and stay updated, it would work fine if it can fit. Clicking the button will pay the amount required and then open the Change Polices screen so you can immediately pick different policies.

The final button will be the Unlock Government button. It could read "Unlock Government (X amount)", but also with this button, if the button can be duplicated then it also could be placed directly into the world tracker. Pushing that button will pay the amount required and open the Change Governments screen.

As far as the colors of the "Change Policies" and "Change Government" buttons, if the button had to be created from scratch; If they were red or yellow when the government is locked and green when the government is unlocked, that would be a nice touch. Red, yellow, or green is universally understood.
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