Nov 20, 2023
AI can do things that you can't do. In some cases it knows rules that you can only find by trial and error (or get confirmation from Cust Support) -- for example, you CAN build a city less than 4 tiles from another IF they are on separate islands/continents.

But there are other examples of AI doing things that are explicitly forbidden, or even just nonsensical:
1. Build citadels adjacent to each other via Great General conversion.
2. Sit on the Great Barrier Reef (two screenshots for this one).
3. Build Macchu Picchu wnen the mountain is still outside their city's boundaries.
4. Shoot a torpedo across land (not kidding, it was a peninsula though).

These don't include software glitches like failure to give a third promotion to a Fighter, or showing an imminent Great Person progress bar as lowest in the list.

Any others?


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I don't whether it was cheating, but the AI did something odd in one of my games. I declared war on Venice, who were on the eastern side of my continent. I was to their north. Dandolo had just annexed a city-state on my border, so I declared war on him to get that city. The war went well, I got the city-state (but discovered I couldn't liberate it :sad:) and bombarded Venice a bit.

A few turns later I discovered that some of their (land) units were somehow attacking my cities on the WESTERN coast.

Now Venice just has the city of Venice on the eastern coast. Between my western cities and Venice lies the Roman Empire, who have bad blood with Venice, so no Open Borders. Besides, they'd have to go past my cities near the Roman border. Also if these units had arrived via embarking, they'd have to swim across the southern cape, and I had ships moving about in the region, and I should have been alerted to it. The first time I was alerted was when they were well inside my borders. Also attacking my western cities made no sense when the war was taking on the eastern side of the continent (think Venezuela attacking the eastern states of the US instead of simply invading Florida). It's like they simply spawned there.
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