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I have a Slavic Supremacy run to contribute. I'm cooperative with everyone except Brazillia and ARC has been eliminated by Pan-Asia.

At the time I started the Gate on turn 211:
Slavakia (me) 13/12/18 Kozlov has a cool Supremacy look, btw.
Brazilla 2/5/7
North Sea 2/7/2
Chungsu 6/3/4
Pan Asia 3/13/4
Al Falah 13/5/3
Kavithan 3/4/6

Al Falah and North Sea objected to the start of the Gate. Was kind of expecting Pan Asia to be the other objector.

Will update once it is done.
When I finished the Supremacy Gate on turn 255, North Sea and Al Falah objected.

Slavakia (me) 15/16/18
North Sea 3/7/3
Al Falah 16/5/3
Brazilia 3/5/7
Chunsu 7/3/4
Pan Asia 3/14/4
Kavithan 3/5/7

I think I found a new OP strat. :)

I went for artifacting and science bonuses and popped a ton of free affinity levels. Probably close to 10 so far in this game, but I'm almost out of sites.

Not really groundbreaking since I go in for science often and usually pick at least a bonus or two to support exploration, but I went for all the artifact bonuses I could get including finding them more often. I got two free affinity level ups in one turn! RNG helped, but as you can see by my levels, I have been dominant in this (Soyuz) game.

I took the science bonus personal trait and had deals for both branch and leaf techs for the middle game (among other things), which snowballed hard.

No one has DOW'd me yet... the whole game.
Just finished pushing the war machine through on turn 242. No one DOW'd me the whole game. Never heard another word from North Sea and Al Falah.

This game marks the completion of my 4th time through with all the leaders. At least since I started keeping track. ;)
Results from today's game -- Supremacy victory, playing as North Sea Alliance. I chose a Lush Atlantean planet (to complement NSA's strengths), standard size, Soyuz difficulty.

Opponents: Al Falah, ARC, PAC, Franco-Iberia, Slavic Federation, KP, and Africa. No one shared an island, though PAC started on a smaller island, relatively close to Elodie. Daoming was overrun/eliminated by turn 203, but she was limping along with only one city for ~20 turns before that. My nearest neighbor was ARC, due west, across a small bay and an narrow (1 tile) channel. Kavitha was sprawling across a largish island due north, but her capital was at least 25 tiles away.

Aggression: Several factions seemed to like declaring on each other. PAC was a bit of a punching bag, losing her cities one by one. Kozlov declared on various people, without seeing much benefit. Samatar -- as I usually see him -- was quiet and peaceful for the first 180 turns; he had only 3 cities on his island, with no aquatic expansions. Kozlov lowered me to "Sanctioned", so I built up my navy and beelined Robotics for planes. Yet, amazingly, no one declared war on me until turn 254.

I got to affinity level 15 before I researched Hypercomputing, which is typical for my playstyle. I can't resist the Might virtue that gives a free affinity level. I also did exceptionally well with alien skeletons and progenitor ruins. Finished researching Hypercomputing on turn 232, built a couple of things in Deepcastle before starting my gate on turn 237.

Al Falah: 3 / 7 / 3 (Harmony, Purity, Supremacy) Cooperative, attitude 9/5
ARC: 3 / 8 /5 Cooperative, attitude 8/4, 3rd place score. She picked up Tiangong and Ganzorig from PAC
PAC: Dead
NSA: 7 / 8 / 17 Me, 1st place in score
FI: 3 / 6 / 7 Cooperative, attitude 9/6
SF: 8 / 5 / 5 Neutral, attitude 7/4
KP: 10 / 5 / 4 Cooperative, though her attitude has been decaying down to 5/5, 2nd place in score
PAU: 3 / 4 / 6 Cooperative, attitude 9/7

Two leaders leaning into Purity, two leaders leaning into Harmony, with PAU and I into Supremacy.
Objectors were Al Falah and ARC, both Purity

Post-Objection Behavior: ARC seemed to be at war with someone for the last 100 turns. Al Falah, not so much. I set both to "Neutral" to avoid a sneak attack. One of my early games, Hutama had backstabbed me with troops/ships very nearby while we were Cooperating. Al Falah sent a naval expeditionary force to my "front door", that is, the northern opening to my bay. I declared on her, sinking half her fleet on the first turn with air power.
I swept north, towards her home island, keeping a wary eye on ARC. Lots of troop movement, her attitude sank to 2/6 by the time my gate was done, but no invasion. Franco-Iberia, with only 4 cities, had acquired the signal on turn 186 and finished Decoding the Signal on turn 223. She started building the Beacon on turn 238, just after I started my gate. Elodie was still cooperating, still loving me until turn 254

Surprise Alliance: After taking a few AF cities with ships, then bombarding the land forces with air power, Arshia made a bold move. She *allied* with Elodie, so they began fighting each other's opponents. Suddenly I was fighting FI as well, and FI was now at war with KP. I took the FI expansion cities, but Kavitha slipped her ships in to take La Coeur before I could get it. I did get Kozlov to Cooperating, so that my explorer could get to the last few sites in/near his cities.

Endgame: I polished off AF and FI, getting a bunch of techs in the spoils of war. I was trickling units through the gate, mostly Hellions, with a few Immortals near the end. Until the last 10-15 turns, I was short of Firaxite, so I couldn't build a lot of CNDRs to send through the gate. Won on turn 280, with ARC never actually DOW'ing me.
Latest game: Al Falah, pursuing Harmony victory. The last time I played AF and emphasized Harmony, I ended up with a Contact victory. Which was nice, filled in another row on the spreadsheet, but I wanted to get that Mind Flower.

I had a medium-sized land mass all to myself. PAC was just across the western ocean on some 10-tile islands, with Polystralia on a larger land mass just west. A narrow waterway separated my land mass (on the north side) with a similar sized mass to the south. NSA started on tthe western end (due south of me) and Chungsu started near the eastern end. The other large land mass had INTGR in the north, Franco-Iberia in the south, and Polystralia on the east. Kavitha started on larger islands in the north, jus east of INTEGR.

Early Game (to turn 150): Since I had no close neighbors, I expanded peacefully, including some aquatic cities off my western coast. Diplomatically, I got to Cooperating with PAC, NSA, FI, and INTGR. Hutama kept talking trash, but made no moves on me. Chungsu, on the other hand, kept attacking my "pet" station (on the northern polar edge of my landmass) and another station right next to it. I fought early wars with him, to protect the stations, but his cities were more than 20 tiles away... too far to defend effectively in the first 150 turns.

Runup to Starting the Wonder: Everyone else seemed to dislike KP and NSA, who received multiple war declarations. PAC seemed particularly warlike this game, declaring on both great and small powers. I settled 11 cities by turn 200, got to Harmony 15 by turn 235, and learned the final tech on turn 256. During that time Elodie launched her lasercomm satellite on turn 191 and Lena launched hers on turn 252. I spent many turns building Mind Stems, even in my smaller cities. One can purchase Xeno Sanctuaries, but one must hard-build Mind Stems. A small hiccup: In many games, I have plenty of strategic resources. In this game, I ran out of xenomass, so I had to delay building the last few XS until I hooked up some more.

What up, Hutama? Polystralia seemed very scattered in pursuing victory. By turn 240, he was 5/5/9 emphasizing Supremacy. On turn 258, I got the notification that he had researched all the techs for a planetary link (Harmony), even though his affinities were 6/6/10 at that point. By turn 285, he had both parts of the signal and decoded the signal just 7 turns later. Poystralia was expanding into his northern ocean, with at least 6 aquatic cities. Hutama was #1 on the scoreboard until turn 270 or so, so he probably had lots of energy to charge up his Beacon. Yet, he still kept researching Supremacy techs. Diplomatically he had me at Sanctioned off an on thru turn 220. I was able to get him to Cooperating around turn 270 so that one of my explorers could hit a Progenitor site on his land that was *still unexplored* that late in the game.

Affinity and Objectors: I started the Mind Flower on turn 285, it finished on turn 307.
  • Al Falah (me) 18/7/8, #3 on scoreboard
  • PAC 9/7/4 Cooperative
  • NSA 3/7/4 Cooperative
  • FI 3/13/3 Cooperative
  • Chungsu Dead (eliminated by FI on turn 261)
  • Polystralia 9/7/12 Cooperative, #2 on scoreboard
  • KP Dead (eliminated on turn 233 by PAC)
  • INTGR 7/6/12 Cooperative, #1 on scoreboard

Objectors were Polystralia and INTGR, both Supremacy.
As I had one part of the signal from lots of explorer missions, I set one of my other cities to solve the Transcendental Equation (turn 276) and decode the signal (turn 308). Ard was building the MF, wth all the trade routes flowing into it.
I saved the game, did a test place of the Beacon on turn 308, and checked the objectors: FI and PAC, Purity and Harmony, respecitvely.

  1. Since the AI always object when I start a victory wonder, I have often been curious about whether the AI object when *other AI* start a victory wonder. I did see PAC declaring war on both INTGR and FI late in the game (after turn 250). That could have been when they started their respective gates. Even when Daoming only had two cities!
  2. Timing is key. The Transcendance victory is the easiest to speed up. By building 23 accelerator buildings, the game said that my Mind Flower would connect in just 21 turns. Yes, Elodie finished her Exodus Gate on turn 306, but she had packed her cities close together. Settling 20 Earthlings would take time. Yes, Hutama built his beacon on turn 309, but it takes 45 turns to contact the Progenitors. I spent some mental effort for 10-15 turnns, worrying about fighting a 3 front war with my two objectors and getting close to Elodie's gate. Then I poured a drink, did some math, and focused on INTGR, whom invaded on turn 311.
  3. Mysteries of AI Expansion: Some games, I've seen factions like INTGR and Polystralia settle into a 4-5 city stable empire. This game, they expanded to 10+ cities. Most games, I see NSA and Chungsu settle even smaller, with only 3 or 4 cities, even when they have open water to expand onto. Has anyone noticed a trait, a behavior that influences expansion?
  4. Hutama did not declare on me, even though he was one of the objectors. He stayed busy attacking NSA and PAC, who were much smaller neighbors.
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