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Alexis & the Altar


Mar 29, 2006
Alexis & the Altar

Goal - Altar of the Luonnotar Victory

Difficulty - Emperor
Speed - Normal

AI Civilizations - Seven
  • 2 Good
  • 3 Neutral
  • 2 Evil
Options -
  • No Technology Brokering
  • Wildlands
  • Living World
MountainCoast Map Script - (first time I've used this script)
  • Size - Small
  • Climate - Temperate
  • Sea Level - Low
  • Peaks - Some
  • Lakes - Few
  • Mountain Ranges - Lots? (dah, can't remember)
  • Random Resources - Resource Poor
Start - (click for higher resolution)
Starting Save - patch v (all victory conditions enabled)


  • AutoSave_Initial_AD-0001.CivBeyondSwordSave
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I started this game after reading the poll discussing Alexis vs Flauros and the thread asking for altar victory recommendations. Also decided to try out a new map script I'd just downloaded so I have no idea what its gonna be like out there. Needless to say, the first word that entered my head when I saw the start was "Flauros". :lol:

Anyone who wants to play along feel free to post up your progress, but lets keep things in spoilers.
Spoiler turns 000-100 :

000: 39 gold from hut; settle 1N; researching agriculture; Prespur starts worker
005: map from hut
011: researching crafting
013: 41 gold from hut
015: Prespur finishes worker & starts blood pet
016: lost scout to griffon
028: researching mining; Prespur starts another blood pet
037: Prespur finishes blood pet & starts a settler
041: lost a blood pet to a hill giant
044: event gives +23 research to finish mining; researching calendar
046: Prespur lost a blood pet to a lizardman
049: Prespur switches to a blood pet
0??: Prespur starts another blood pet
059: researching ancient chants
060: Prespur finishes settler & starts a blood pet
062: Nubia founded; Nubia starts a breeding pit; Prespur starts another blood pet
064: Prespur finishes blood pet & starts a worker
068: researching education
071: Prespur finishes worker & starts a blood pet
074: Prespur finishes blood pet & starts a settler
076: Orthus spawns near Nubia; Prespur switches to a blood pet
079: Runes of Kilmorph founded far away; Prespur starts another blood pet
080: Prespur starts another blood pet
081: lost four blood pets dealing with Orthus; Orthus' axe captured
082: Prespur finishes blood pet & resumes settler
089: researching mysticism
090: civic switch to agrarianism & apprenticeship
091: event gives great prophet in exchange for 50 gold
096: Prespur finishes settler & starts a blood pet
097: Prespur starts another blood pet
098: Acaia founded; Acaia starts a breeding pit
100: Prespur starts a breeding pit

Calabim Territory at turn 100 -
Power Graph at turn 100 -
Future Plans -

Rhoanna was one of the first civs to find me so I'm pretty sure she is a next door neighbor. Thats bad and based on what I'm seeing in the graph, I could very well not make it to turn 200! I need to get slavery going. I'm hoping to found Empyrean. I'll be able to keep slavery and start on the Altar under that religion and Radiant Guards will give me crowd control if the Horse Lords attack. Dies Diei will give me sun mana for the Tower of Divination and the +xp for disciples will stack nicely with the Altar's. Currently sitting on the prophet, waiting for the Empyrean Holy City. I'm regretting not founding Prespur on a hill and selecting "resource poor" on the mapscript. Health is a significant issue at the moment.​
I'm lucky to still be alive me thinks, but still in the game.
Spoiler turns 101-200 :
103: researching philosophy
104: Nubia switches to worker
108: For the Horde is cast
111: we find a shrine to Camulos in the Nubian sewers
112: Prespur starts a blood pet; Nubia starts another worker; barb city spawns nearby
114: Prespur starts another blood pet
115: Varn Gosam gets killed off
117: Prespur starts Deruptus Brewing House
118: noticed barb city is gone, Rhoanna most likely responsible...
119: lost a blood pet attacking orc warriors; researching way of the wicked; Nubia starts a settler
121: Fellowship of Leaves founded in a distant land
122: Arendel adopts FoL
126: AC breaks 10% for the first time
129: researching bronze working; civic switch to slavery & god king; Acaia switches to settler
131: event in Evermoore drops AC back down to 5%
136: event gives a great bard (harpy) for 15 turns of disorder in Nubia
137: great bard settled in Prespur
138: capture our first orc slave
139: Prespur finishes Deruptus Brewing House & starts a blood pet; Acaia switched back to breeding pit for a turn to grow
140: Prespur starts another blood pet; Acaia whips breeding pit for 3 population
141: Rhoanna converts to FoL; Acaia starts a granary
142: Rhoanna founds Gaene to our west
143: Hanna converts to RoK; Prespur starts another blood pet
144: Arendel creates Gilden Silveric
145: researching writing; Prespur finishes blood pet & starts a training yard; capture an orc slave
146: Nubia is on top of patrian ruins, but we can't choose the option to excavate
149: 2 slaves used on Acaia granery
150: Acaia whips granery for 3 population
151: capture an orc slave; Acaia starts a herbalist
155: Prespur starts a scout
156: Acaia switches back to settler
157: researching animal husbandry
158: Prespur finsishes scout & starts a library
159: Nubia finishes settler & resumes breeding pit; Prespur whips library for 2 population
160: Prespur starts a moroi; event adds +2:science: to Prespur's library
161: event gives +48:science: to finish animal husbandry; researching horseback riding; we find Tebryn on the other side of a mountain range to the north; Nubia whips breeding pit for 3 population
162: Warcry is cast; Nubia starts a smokehouse; great bard born in a far away land; Morr'ta'nar founded; Morr'ta'nar starts a smokehouse
163: Hanna declares war on Rhoanna; Rhoanna adopts RoK & has the holy city!; Prespur starts another moroi
164: Song of Autumn is built
166: lost scout to a lizardman; captured an orc slave
168: Catacomb Libralus built in a far away land
169: Prespur starts another moroi; capture an orc slave; Nubia whips smokehouse for 3 population
170: Rantine is created; Nubia starts granary
172: researching trade; upgraded level 5 blood pet to a moroi
173: Acaia finishes settler & whips herbalist for 3 population
174: Acaia starts blood pet
175: Prespur finishes blood pet & starts a scout
176: Rantine is killed off; Acaia finishes blood pet & starts a smokehouse
177: Prespur finishes scout & starts a blood pet
180: Adonias founded; Adonias starts a breeding pit; long term this city will incorporate the mana and reagents
181: Nubia whips granary for 4 population
182: Nubia starts a blood pet
183: researching way of the wise; Prespur starts another moroi; Morr'ta'nar whips smokehouse for 3 population
184: Morr'ta'nar starts breeding pit
186: Kandros Fir is killed off
188: Prespure starts another moroi
190: researching honor; great bard born in a far away land
191: Acaia whips smokehouse for 4 population
192: Acaia starts a blood pet
193: Nubia finishes blood pet & starts a training yard; Marr'ta'nar whips breeding pit for 4 population; upgraded level 4 blood pet to a moroi
194: Prespur starts another moroi; Morr'ta'nar starts a granary; Nubia whips training yard for 4 population
195: Nubia starts blood pet
196: Nubia finishes blood pet & starts a herbalist
197: Acaia finishes blood pet & starts a training yard; Nubia whips herbalist for 3 population
198: Nubia starts a palisade
199: Prespur starts another moroi
200: Nubia switches to pagan temple

Calabim Territory at turn 200 -
Power Graph at turn 200 -
Future Plans -
Empyrean & Dies Diei isn't far off. Hanna probably won't last much longer so we need to be prepared for Rhoanna. Been darn lucky so far. We either need to make Rhoanna our ally or kill her off. Contemplating a short change to Esus to impersonate Rhoanna. Maybe suicide her against March of the Trees? I need maps.​
wow. i htink i see a good feating city somewheres in there. that can be converted to a priest farm somewhere's i bnetween (social order i think?) theology (the civic) and omniscience. Order state religion id assume?
EDIT: its spelt altAr of the luonnotar, not altEr.
You might want to be in Agrarianism ASAP for extra food to run specialists and counteract the unhealthy food consumption. Lucky strike there by getting that GProphet event.
Anyone who wants to play along feel free to post up your progress, but lets keep things in spoilers.
That game looks like fun. I'll join you in a parallel universe.

Spoiler turns 000-100 :

000: 42 gold from hut; since there are 20 flood plains in visible range, food and commerce won't be difficult to get, so I settle 1N to maximize production (3 hills, 2 plains with forest); researching agriculture; Prespur starts bloodpet
004: ancient charms from hut. Alexis can be quite charming to desert people if she wants something :D
06: plunder 75 gold from a graveyard.
07: scout is killed by hill giant
011: finish agriculture, researching calendar
012: get 50 gold from event (sold a stone). And I thought some guys on ebay are stupid.
013: meet Rhoanna. Bloodpet ready, start another one
014: event gives 55 beakers towards calendar; Prespur has 3 pop now ; use worldspell to make it 5 and change production to worker
022: finish calendar, start crafting
024: finish worker, start another one (farms on floodplains take a lot of time)
025: Bloodpet is killed by skeleton. Luckily our last defender has combat I
032: finish second worker, start to build three bloodpets and a settler in Prespur
034: finish crafting, start mining
038: adopt agriculture so the settler gets build faster
041: event gives +41 research towards mining
044: turn 44: goblins lower our terrain quality (-1 food) luckily it is a plain/hill that gives no food anyway
044: quick update after 50 turns. 4 bloodpets, 2 workers and a settler in 4 turns
051: finish mining, start cartography (to get good relations with neighbors)
054: finish settler start another bloodpet
055: Nubia is founded in the south so it can be easily defended. -6 health from floodplains, uh. start bloodpet in Nubia
056: finish bloodpet in Prespur. put another and a settler in queque
065: finish cartography, start education. we get open borders from Rhoanna. Kandos fir doesn't like us. We will give him some of our resources for free
070: finish settler in Prespur, start bloodpet
071: time to adopt city states
072: The best bloodpet is killed on the defense. bad luck
073: Acaia is founded. start bloodpet there. Another city that will get 5 floodplains with cottages
076: Orthus is created. Hopefully close to us
077: Prespur starts building two more workers
080: finish education, start code of laws. oh yeah!
084: A bloodpet dies fighting animals.
086: Start another settler in capital
089: Orthus was killed not far from us
090: Archeron enters the world
091: Kilmorph is founded. Most likely by our Neighbour Kandos Fir.
095: code of laws researched. start animal husbandry (lets hope horses are nearby). put manors into all building queques
100: Update turn 100
Future Plans -

If horses are nearby, I'll create a fearsome army of desert raiders and show the Hippus whose the true horselord. If I can't get horses or copper, I'll go for archers and work on the diplomatic relations towards my neighbors. I hope I don't get a DoW right now, my only protection are some lunatic Hill giants. The economy on the other hand looks good. two pure commerce cities, the capital with decent production and next turn I will found a food city :D


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Spoiler turns 100-270 :

101: a great engeneer joins us for a little bit of gold. found Morr'ta'nar to the west, start manor there
103: use the great engeneer to rush pact of nilhorn
104: finish animal husbandry. no horses show up. But three hill giants should make a difference. researching mystic
107: Kandos declares war on Arendel and wants the Calabim to help him. No deal
108: finish mystic, start way of the earthmother
109: our only mine is infested by spiders. We'll hire the Erebus a-team (Chalid, Sphener, Loki and Bambur) to get rid of them
111: Prespur finished manor, now starts to build 5 bloodpets to support our Hill giants
113: Capture Ultigar from the Barbs. Start a manor there
114: Arendel founds FoL
117: Prespur builds even more bloodpets. Time to use the aggressive trait
120: research way of the earthmother, adopt runes of kilmorph, Kandos still doesn't want to give us open borders. researching horseback riding
122: A higly promoted griffon kills Curly. Two bloodpets swear revenge and also die.
125: We capture Nininsnal from the barbs. One Elephant and two orcs isn't enough to stop the Calabim. city starts a manor
127: Kandos wants to drag us into his stupid war again
128:The Hippus want us to stop trading with the elves and we agree. We also lower the AC by -3 (event) and finish horsebackridung, start writing now. Prespur finishes temple of kilmorph, so we adopt religion and apprenticeship at the same time
129: Our workers finish a road in hippus land so we can trade with them. We get some nice ale in return for silk.
138: research writing, get a free monument in nininsnal, researching trade
143: finish trade, we trade bronze working from Rhoanna and archery from Kandos Fir Researching Sanitation
145: rush manor in Nubia with three soldiers of Kilmorph. Prespur keeps building soldiers of Kilmorph to rush manors in other cities
149: research sanitation, start warfare
154: research warfare Yeah! start philosophy adopt conquest
158: research philosophy, start military strategy
165: research military strategy. The great general will help in the future to get units to level 6 so they can learn vampirism. Start priesthood
169: Hippus finish off Varn Gosam
170:Prespur has build enough soldiers of Kilmorph to hurry production in cities, it now builds infrastructe so it can grow
172: Finish Priesthood, start Fanaticism
173: We join in the war against the Elves. Atleast we pretend to do so
174: An event gives a free tech. We pick Religious Law. We need it later anyway. We change research from Fanaticism to way of the wise
176: The dwarf looses two cities to the elves. Looks like the treants awoke from their sleep
179: finish way of the wise, start honor
183: finish honor, start fanaticism
185: Rhoanna declares war on Kandos. Too bad we have no military to use the opportunity
195: finish Fanatism, start festivals
197: turn 197: finish festivals, start drama
199: the first high priest joins us. yay!
200: finish drama. A great bard joins us. He will start a golden age later. research orders of heaven
update turn 200: 5 cities (4 commerce and one production), military is very very weak, mainly two hill giants and a few priests. But two heroes will join fast (Chalid+Losha)
207: finish order of heaven, start arete
210: finish arete Prespur starts building the mines of gal-dur. We need Iron for Paladins. start mathematics
217: finish mathematics, start currency
219: Losha captures Dirage (barbs) on her own. city gets razed
220: finish currency, start taxation
222: Hippus finish off Kandos Fir. Same turn they ask for a defensive pact. deal
228: research taxation, next is Righteousness
229: finish great library in Acaia. time to set up a great person city there
230: mines of Galdur are build
234: switch to order and start to build a few confessors
238: another great prophet joins us
240: Rhoanna cancels the defensive pact with us and declares war on arendel. three confessors have been build, switch to empyrean
245: Chalid joins the Calabim
249: We get a great bard in exchange for 15 turns unrest (event)
255: A great sage joins us
260: finish righteousness. finally paladins. we sell writing to jonas for 160 gold and save up some gold to upgrade priests to Paladins.
266: We declare war on Rhoanna. Her army is hopefully busy fighting elven archers and treants. Never trust a vampire!
Future Plans -
Slow down the AI by feasting on their cities while teching towards the Altar of the Luonnator​


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Doh! After reading your post I just realized, I still haven't used my world spell! :eek: Woops!
I am the type of player who often doesn't use world spells 'cause later it could be better'. As Calabim I always use it early so I don't run into that kind of problem. Next time a dwarf sells you some iron orb, destroy it. The reward is better than you probably think ;)
Holy crap what a start! :D

Try making a cottage city among these, one at least. As early as possible.
( EDIT: I see you already are. Good :p )
I've played a shadow game. It ended in defeat, sorta, turn 350. Domination victory.

Spoiler :
I had planned to write a detailed log like everyone else, but I forgot...

Some notable events though...

I founded Runes of Kilmorph via a great prophet just before I founded my second city. I suppose that was a major contributor to the piles of cash I was rolling in for a while.

I converted to Runes and promptly got two events where evil civs could buy a prophet.

I started expanding and met the Hippus. I continued expanding and while trying to maintain a reasonable defence force. It consisted entirely of Bloodpets, and was constantly under strength. Mostly because there was a dearth of production in my empire.

During this time I used great prophets to build the shrine and start on the Altar.

I also began planning a war against the Hippus. Which worried me, since every time a barbarian city popped up, Rhoanna came along and razed it. Also, I had no copper available, while the Hippus did.

That made me divert to Knowledge of the Ether, for Haste. I also waited for Altar mark 3, for Blessed. A transient replacement for bronze. I also had about a thousand gold, so I could upgrade Bloodpets that had been fighting barbarians, rather than build Moroi from scratch.

At this time I was imagining hordes of copper axemen backed by an elite cadre of horsemen as soon as I invaded Hippus lands. Turns out it was one axeman, backed by a rookie horseman...

The rest of their cities were similarly unimpressive. I think I lost more troops to the Moroi that cast Burning Blood, than the entire Hippus army.

When the Hippus had no more attractive cities I sued for peace, and began teching for vampires.

The moment I hit Feudalism, Rhoanna asked to become my vassal. A few turns later the Launun begged for protection.

At this point I owned about half the map, second and third were Shearim and Khazad, don't know the exact order. Ljosalfar were fourth, with three or four cities. Hippus had about the same number of cities, but crappy ones, in the desert or dominated by foreign culture. Launun had one city.

A brief clash with the Shearim as they tried to beat on my vassals, made me go after chariots and life mages. As far as I know the only source of horses on the map was the hippus palace, but they traded them away for some silk and cows.

Hyborem made a brief cameo as the blight hit, but fell to vampiric, marching, cityraiding, commando chariots armed with the finest steel from the mines of Galdur.

After a while Khazad decided they had too many cities and declared war against me. Two turns later, the Shearim got the same idea. By turn 350, I won an accidental Domination victory, nowhere near the tech or prophets needed for an altar victory.

Thoughts about Alexis:

Philosophical is a bad trait. It's worse than Defender; it's even worse than Industrious. It may even be worse than no trait at all, since focused great person generation distracts from production and commerce, the things that actually wins games.

Aggressive is an okay bonus, but not my style. I suppose the biggest utility lies in an early war, where every warrior counts. In my experience, later wars are decided by cities, not fighters.

And then there are vampires, that have every promotion you feel like giving them.
Philosophical used to be better, when it allowed free upkeep in a civic category. I still rather like the trait, but that is because in my versions it always allows building Academies without needing Great Sages (at Arcane Lore, costing about 200 :hammers:), like how Organized lets you build Command Posts.

I still think it is better than Defender.

Thematically, I wonder if Arcane might make more sense for Alexis than Philosophical.

I'd say the main bonus from having Aggressive as a Calabim leader is that it gives a free promotion to the Skeletons and Spectres your vampires summon.
Or that you can take Shock at 2 xp? No one values this? Education and you can make a small shock troop warrior army and conquer anyone before archers.
Well, yeah, but for the Calabim xp doesn't matter all that much once they have Vampires and cities to feast upon.

I'm not an early rusher type of player, so to me the main use of Aggressive is for summons.
Spoiler victory on turn 367 :

The War against Hippus was rather easy. Turns out their whole army was far away watching how Acheron scares little children.They came back when they had only 2 cities left :goodjob:. The Clan and the Lanun decided to help them but after one or two of their cities got razed they gave techs for peace. I gifted cities to low AI players to make sure I won't win domination :D

turn 349 I have the tech necessary for the final altar and 3 turns later enough priests so I can start building it. Even the high council gave me financial support to rush it (70gold, event) :goodjob:- Turn 365 Jonas calls Basium for help and turn 366 Jonas realizes that I save up money to rush the altar and tries to stop me :lol:
I have no idea why he wants such a low amount. Anyway, I have enough gold saved up to hurry the altar and win the game next turn. I didn't even bother to research feudalism :D.


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Victory on Turn 443.

I also didn't do a log (sorry, I know it's half the fun of the topic, but I didn't have the patience for it).

I attached the victory save game to watch the replay. Summary:

I have never played the Calabim before, but I had just played my first Altar victory as Ljosfar/FoL. So I decided to try Fellowship of the Leaves and run Guardian of nature.

I went for Elementalism and got some Water mana to start springing the desert, and I used priests to plant trees.

Later, those priests and adapts proved useful when Rhoanna declared war. It was a tough defensive war for a while, and I lost and regained a few cities. Luckily, fanaticism (for Altar V) got me my hero around then, so I had vampires for the counter offensive, plus a few horse archers from Convert on my priests.

Rhoanna was killed, and I briefly conquered the Khazad capital for three reasons
1) FoL left me evil and RoK hadn't spread to my lands, so I couldn't convert. I literally converted just for the required 5 turns to become neutral, than converted back to keep running Guardian of nature
2) to "borrow" their Tablets of Bambur earth mana for my adepts
3) To feast like I had been doing on all enemy cities. I'd then let them reconquer and then I'd raze.

I continued teching, and finished Genesis (the difference was night and day), then finished the altar.


  • Alexis v AD-0443.CivBeyondSwordSave
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I am the type of player who often doesn't use world spells 'cause later it could be better'. As Calabim I always use it early so I don't run into that kind of problem. Next time a dwarf sells you some iron orb, destroy it. The reward is better than you probably think ;)

Seconded. It seems to me you've handled the events in a much different way than I would... But the rest of the game seems better than what I usually do though.

The GA's GreatWork eliminates anarchy; the event is purely positive if you do this.
The GA's GreatWork eliminates anarchy; the event is purely positive if you do this.

well, not if the event happens in a border city and your neighbour is Rhoanna with a more powerful military.;)

Was a very funny game, thanks to JFSebastian for setting it up
The GA's GreatWork eliminates anarchy; the event is purely positive if you do this.
I was aware of this when this event happened to me, but there is a part of me that has a hard time resisting free toys. In retrospect I think I should of done a great work. 15 turns is a long time when its one third of your empire and I don't think the long term 4.5 gold per turn made up for the early loss of commerce.

Was a very funny game, thanks to JFSebastian for setting it up
You're welcome! I'll probably start another thread like this after I finish this one. I have a tendency to not finish games and this is a nice process to get me to see a game through to the end. A small map also helps.

Spoiler turns 201-250 :
201: Acaia whips training yard for 3 population; Morr'ta'nar whips granary for 4 population
202: Acaia starts a moroi; Morr'ta'nar starts a blood pet; 3 slaves rush Adonias breeding pit
203: Morr'ta'nar finishes blood pet & starts a training yard; Adonias finishes breeding pit & starts a monument; Nubia whips pagan temple for 4 population
204: Nubia resumes palisade & assigns a priest; Rhoanna's power seems to be slipping
205: great Sage born in a far away land; Prespur finishes moroi & starts a palisade; Morr'ta'nar whips training yard for 3 population
206: Empyrean founded in Morr'ta'nar; researching deception

207: great prophet builds Dies Diei; Morr'ta'nar assigns priest; trade Arendel writing for archery; state religion changed to Empyrean; we are now Neutral


209: great merchant born in a far away land; Rhoanna starts a golden age
210: Prespur finishes palisade & starts smokehouse; Adonias finishes monument & starts archery range; upgrade level 4 blood pet to a moroi
211: Empyrean spreads to Prespur; Nubia finishes palisade & starts an archery range; Morr'ta'nar whips temple of empyrean for 4 population; Prespur whips smokehouse for 3 population
212: Emyprean spreads to Adonias; Morr'ta'nar starts a pagan temple; Prespur starts a radiant guard
213: captured an orc slave
215: event gives +496:science: for bowyers

rats! why that tech?​

216: Prespur finishes our first radiant guard & starts another
217: great prophet born in a far away land; Nubia whips archery range for 3 population
218: Nubia starts an archer; Acaia starts a pagan temple
219: Arendel builds bone palace & starts a golden age; Acaia whips pagan temple for 4 population
220: Kalocly taken by Hippus; Empyrean spreads to Kalocly; Acaia starts a palisade; Prespur starts another radiant guard; captured an orc slave

was hoping they'd fail...​

221: Order founded in a distant land; event gives +1 unhappy to Acaia

not completely bad once we get a manor set up, but not especially helpful​

222: Nubia spawns a great prophet
223: Council of Esus founded in Nubia; science slider reduced to 0% for a bit
224: Prespur finishes radiant guard & starts a herbalist; change religion to CoE
225: Alter of the Luonnotar I built in Morr'ta'nar; nightwatch spreads CoE to Prespur; Prespur changes to Gibbon Goetia
226: great commander born in a far away land; Acaia finishes palisade & starts a moroi
227: great bard born in a far away land; nightwatch spreads CoE to Morr'ta'nar
228: trade Arendel animal husbandry for fishing & sun mana for bananas; researching sanitation; level 4 blood pet upgraded to moroi
229: Adonias finishes archery range & starts an archer; level 4 blood pet upgraded to moroi
230: Great Library built in Evermoore; revolt starts in Kalocly
231: great prophet born in a far away land; Heron Throne built in a far away land; level 4 blood pet upgraded to moroi; Morr'ta'nar finishes pagan temple & starts ecclesiastic
232: Prespur finishes Gibbon Goetia; CoE spreads to Aylesbury far far away; civic change to apprenticeship & undercouncil
233: Hannah converts to CoE; science back to 50%
234: Tebryn converts to RoK; Morr'ta'nar spawns great prophet; Alter of the Luonnotar II built in Morr'ta'nar; Gibbon spreads GoE to Kalocly
235: Kalocly joins our empire

236: Prespur finishes moroi & starts a scout; Adonias finishes archer & starts a herbalist; Gibbon spreads CoE to Adonias
237: Prespur starts another scout
238: Prespur starts another scout
239: Prespur starts another scout; CoE spreads to Acaia; Gibbon creates a hybrid illusion/flesh golem (renamed Gibbon's Abomination), a blood pet and 2 scouts are grafted to the Abomination; lost a Somnium match against Arendel

some said it was a mistake, some said it was intentional, most condemned it as madness...​

241: Prespur starts another scout; another scout grafted to the Abomination
242: Arendel completes Purge the Unfaithful; Prespur starts another scout; scout & ecclesiastic grafted to the Abomination; Acaia starts another moroi; Gibbon spreads CoE to Gaene
243: Prespur starts a herbalist; Morr'ta'nar finishes acclesiastic & starts a herbalist; another scout grafted to the Abomination
244: Gibbon spreads CoE to Conrond Mor
245: Gibbon spreads CoE to Clar Marrachir; trade Arendel sun mana for banana again
247: Gibbon spreads CoE to Radonnor; researching code of laws; Prespur finishes herbalist & starts a blood pet
248: Tebryn declares on Hannah; Prespur starts another blood pet; Nubia starts another archer; Adonias finishes herbalist & starts an archer; Gibbon finds Jonas
249: Jonas declares on Hannah; Morr'ta'nar spawns a great prophet; Altar of the Luonnotar III built in Morr'ta'nar; Gibbon spreads CoE to Golden Leane
250: civic change to slavery & overcouncil; Hippus worker killed with masked scout; Gibbon impersonates Rhoanna...

Calabim Territory at turn 250 -

Power Graph at turn 250 -

some strange fluctuations in Rhoanna's power that will soon make a great deal of sense​
Nice cliffhanger eh?

Spoiler turns 250-300 :
Playing as Rhoanna -

Gibbon had been impatient to assume his role enthroned upon the most powerful nation in Erebus. If he'd taken more time to fully explore the lands of the horse lords, he might of reconsidered. Taking control was easy, but what he found once he was in control astonished him. The Hippus nation had become a victim of its own success. Massive deficits had stripped them of their ability to maintain a standing army and while Rhoanna had been able to maintain a semblance of control, under Gibbon's less capable hands the nation entered into a complete economic collapse. His dreams of controlling vast mobile armies shattered, Gibbon contented himself watching the the final self destruction of the Hippus nation, a process that had started long before he got there.

note that the Hippus will cease to exhist as an independant power 24 turns after this screen​

the deficit is more than -100:gold: with the science slider at 0% and no reserves
250: Arendel declares war on Rhoanna as the switch happens with a large stack of fawns next to Khazak; we declare war on Alexis, Jonas & Tebryn; we move units towards Jonas & away from Alexis and Anderel
251: Alexis casts River of Blood; lost 16 units to lack of funds; lose Khazak to Arendel; pillage two of Jonas's cottages for 17 gold
252: great bard born in a far away land; lost 8 units to lack of funds; lose Gaene to Alexis; new units only last the turn they are made unless they are the last unit in a city; event gives Hyol a smugglers port

can't resist the free toys even when its the enemy​

253: lost 2 units to lack of funds
254: lost 1 unit to lack of funds
255: lose Halowell to Arendel
256: lose Conrond Mor to Alexis
258: Mokka's Cauldron built in a far away land
259: Rhoanna busts out of the closet I stuffed her in

Thought I'd get another turn, but switch happened before I could change civics to pacifism. Looks like the AI finished code of laws and got almost half way through feudalism (wasn't planning to go that way, but that's too much progress to ignore). It also opened borders with Tebryn.

259: reduced science slider to 0%; we take Mourosbane ; Morr'ta'narr & Acaia switched from inn to public baths; Adonias switches from settler to archer; Nubia, Kalocly & Gaene switched to governor's manors; Conrond Mor starts smokehouse; Mourosbane starts monument
260: overcouncil elections held; Prespur finishes moroi & starts a governor's manor; Arendel takes Radonnor; Kalocly & Gaene switched to public baths; slave rushes Gaene public baths; trade Hannah way of the wicked & calendar for warfare; Nubia whips governor's manor for 6 population; Acaia & Morr'ta'nar whip public baths for 5 population each
261: we are elected Head Counciler; Nubia resumes archer; Acaia & Morr'ta'nar start aquaducts; we take a defenseless Altheriol-ta-Mealthiel; slave rushes Gaene public baths

262: we take Clar Marrachir barely beating Arendel to it using a burning blood moroi

263: our burning blood turns barbarian & we put him down, gaining a slave; reestablish sun mana for banana trade with Arendel (if I'd waited another turn, could of had rice too)
264: Hannah makes peace with Tebryn; Morr'ta'nar switches to library; Acaia whips aquaduct for 4 population
265: Tebryn starts a golden age; Nubia finishes archer & starts a temple of the empyrean; Acaia starts a moroi; we capture Feiss Mabdon; Feiss Mabdon starts a breeding pit; we grant Rhoanna peace for hunting

266: great sage born in a far away land; Prespur finishes governor's manor & starts a granery; esus archer spreads CoE to Murousbane; Murousbane whips monument; trade Arendel cow for rice; Gaene whips public baths for 4 population; Conrond Mor whips smokehouse for 3 population
267: murder event; Morr'ta'nar finishes library & starts National Epic; Gaene resumes governor's manor; Kalocly whips public baths
268: murderer caught (still doesn't get the +10xp); Hannah makes peace with Jonas; Prespur finishes granary & starts Form of the Titan; esus archer spreads CoE to Feiss Mabdon

in hindsight, this was a very bad choice​

269: Acaia finishes moroi & resumes inn; civic change to Aristocracy
270: science slider maxed
271: vote for Open Markets; esus archer spreads CoE to Altheriol-ta-Mealthiel
272: Open Markets passes; Adonias starts another archer
273: Rhoanna petitions to be our vassal & we reject; researching knowledge of the either; science slider reduced to break even; trade Arendel feudalism for priesthood & way of the earthmother
274: Arendel asks for sanitation, ok; Rhoanna becomes Arendel's vassal; everyone's at peace; Defensive Pact signed with Arendel
276: researching divination; Altheriol-ta-Mealthiel switches to breeding pit; Nubia finishes library & starts mage guild; Conrond Mor whips public baths for 3 population; renegotiate trade with Arendel, shadow mana for clam, rice & bananas
277: trade Hannah sanitation for military strategy; Conrond Mor starts breeding pit; Acaia finishes inn and starts library
278: Form of the Titan built by Arendel; Morr'ta'nar spawns great prophet; Morr'ta'nar finishes National Epic & resumes aquaduct; Altar of the Luonnotar IV built in Morr'ta'nar; Kalocly & Gaene whip governor's manors for 5 population each; thane of kilmorph spreads RoK to Prespur
279: progress on Form of the Titan cashed in for 313:gold:; Prespur starts a vampire; Kalocly starts library; Gaene starts breeding pit
280: Acaia finishes library & starts a vampire; Altheriol-ta-Mealthiel whips breeding pit for 3 population
281: Altheriol-ta-Mealthiel resumes smokehouse
282: vote for Single Currency; Nubia finishes mage guild & starts an adept; Morr'ta'nar finishes aquaduct & resumes inn; radiant guard upgraded to vampire
283: Single Currency passes; Hannah converts to RoK; captured an orc slave
284: Adonias finishes archer & starts library; Kalocly finishes library & resumes temple of the empyrean; Clar Marrachir finishes smokehouse & starts a breeding pit; Prespur finishes vampire & starts a temple of kilmorph
285: Nubia starts another adept; Altheriol-ta-Mealthiel finishes breeding pit & starts the Summer Palace
286: Feiss Mabdon finishes breeding pit & starts a governor's manor; Morr'ta'nar finishes inn & starts an ecclesiastic
287: took over Uddrur (barbarian); Uddrur starts a breeding pit
288: Prespur finishes temple of kilmorph & starts thane of kilmorph; Acaia starts another vampire; Morr'ta'nar finishes ecclesiastic & starts a vampire; Kalocly finishes temple of the empyrean & starts a herbalist; Gaene finishes breeding pit & starts a smokehouse
289: Prespur finishes thane of kilmorph & starts a temple of the empyrean; Nubia starts another adept
290: researching righteousness; gift Tebryn body mana in hopes of later trading sorcery
291: thane of kilmorph failed to spread RoK to Morr'ta'nar
292: Morr'ta'nar spawns a great prophet; Altar of the Luonnotar V built in Morr'ta'nar; Nubia starts another adept; Kalocly finishes herbalist & starts a training yard
293: Prespur finishes temple of the empyrean & starts Heroic Epic; Gaene finishes smokehouse & starts a granary; Conrond Mor finishes breeding pit & starts a governor's manor; Murousbane finishes governor's manor & starts a temple of kilmorph; vote for nothing in the council
294: Clar Marrachir finishes breeding pit & starts a governor's manor; Morr'ta'nar starts Shrine of Sirona; religion change to RoK
296: great sage born in a far away land
297: great prophet born in Golden Leane to Jonas; Nubia finishes adept & starts Losha Valas; Kalocly finishes training yard & starts a granary; Acaia starts another vampire
299: Prespur finishes Heroic Epic & starts a stonewarden; Gaene finishes granary & starts a training yard; Conrond Mor whips governor's manor for 5 population
300: Conrond Mor starts a granary; Murousbane finishes temple of kilmorph & starts a stonewarden

after a few more grafts, including a blitz promoted vampire​

Calabim Territory at turn 300 -

Power Graph at turn 300 -

Thoughts -
Taking over so much Hippus territory has been a large economic burden thats definitely slowing down our research rate. Arendel is the tech leader by far, but we have +14 relations with her, so thats not a bad thing if we can maintain those relations. I'm thinking that trying to get Tebryn to trade sorcery is a lost cause. Contemplating sending an army north to squeeze it out of him. I'm feeling like I've probably been a little too obsessive about building so many buildings, but a larger army would also cost more upkeep, so its hard to say what would be ideal. I should of put more emphasis on cottages earlier in the game.
Rant -
In a game previous to this I was playing the Calabim and was less than impressed with the Governor's Manor. I'd read that they provide 1:hammers: for each :mad:, but when I hovered over the production info it was telling me I was only getting 1:hammers: for each unhappy citizen over the happy cap. I figured it had been changed or something. Now in this game I realize that the hover information is just wrong and that the manors actually do produce 1:hammers: per :mad:. Would of changed my game quite a bit if I hadn't been misguided by the inaccurate description and hover information. Needs to be fixed please.
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