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All Civs - Napoleonic Europe Redux

I don't think that's quite how the saying goes... :mischief:

Just finished reading the Swedish campaign, certainly an interesting story. Probably more so since the first war against the Eternal Enemy went so terribly. A bold strategy to go that way from the start, I probably would have focused on securing Norway and, if feasible, Denmark as an easier target first. And probably not realistic, but it sounds like you really needed Prussia, Austria, and the Ottomans to all team up with you to take down the Enemy!

I wasn't too surprised the Riga Landing was not successful - always tough to go amphibious against a strong enemy, and 16 units is not really that many in that context! Especially given typical movement rates in Civ3... not enough time to establish a beachhead before the better part of the enemy's army arrives.

What was up with the radar towers? Some really advanced technology you were facing!
I was thinking the big Russian cities were so close that I get grab a few and build from there, what a big miscalculation that was...

Oh man, and I really though the Riga campaign was going to be a huge success!
So, I completely lost my write-up of the The Sick Man of Europe game report, but I was able to roll through the Caucasus going all the way west to Mariupol. In Europe, it was much more difficult as large Russian Arty stacks appeared, like 3 separate ones with 12-20 arty pieces each! I lost Belgrade and Orsovo but then signed a bunch of alliances with pretty much all of Europe. This caused the Russians to retreat completely from Europe and for me to take back these 2 cities. Afterwards, there just wasn't any kind of fighting back from the Russians as they were getting overwhelmed by the other AI. I think it was a game-play mistake signing all of these alliances as it really did make it too easy for me.
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