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Almost Beat Diety Level. 4 turns away


Nov 5, 2001
I was 4 turns away from building the Space ship and winning on the Diety level!!!

I played random , one land mass, small map. TURNED

I was Persians, I picked America, Indians, and Iroquois.

The game started off with me trying to grab as much land as possible before it was gone. After about 20 turns, I was behind in everything tech, land, money.

I did not build an army at all, just settlers and the cheapest unit in each city.

I put the settlers down next to as much luxuries as I could.

Once all the land was done, I just payed off the civs for a few turns.

I was actually winning the culture war in some areas, since I did not bother with barraks, or units and my libs and univ. where half priced.

Once connected by roads, I tried my luxturies for Tech. Once the happiness of the other civs depended on my luxuries I did not need to pay them off any more.

The one glitch I hit was when they got espianage before I could turn into a democrecy and turned my cities. I then started to overload my land with cities to help with the culture was, and to make happiness easier.

Once settled in democrecy. No more threat of war. The Iroquois were distroyed and left some land to grab, and grab a little more.

I then proceeded to trade/buy as much tech as I could, and stuff my cities with culture.

Then an awsome thing happed, the americans and indians got in a huge war. They wasted money, and slowed culture enough that I could start to catch up.

Only at the end did resources become an issue.

The two sides had peice once the
I then got all the tech I would need for the ship and shifted to money and rushed stuff and bought the resources I was missing,

I had half the peices built, and the other half with 4 turns. And then the Indians won the space race. 1450 AD

Here is some of the tricks I learned playing diety level:

1) When someone wants some money. PAY THEM.

2) At the begining rush to luxuries first. Resources become obsolete, luxuries are forever.

3) Do not even bother with an offensive units at all, and only make the minimum defensive ones you need. If you go to war you LOSE. Avoid war at ALL costs.

4) Culture Culture Culture, Libs and Univ. Temples, and Cathedrals (Half my cities never had a baracks)

5) Buy and trade for tech

6) Stuff your space with cities, 21 squares with 2 cities can produce twice the culture AND uses twice the luxuries for happiness. 2 size 5 cities get the luxuriy twice as much as a size 10 city.

7) Get to Democrocy before the AI gets to espianage. You WILL lose cities if that happens.

8) Ignore ALL unnessary tech, I never did get Republic, Civary, and some others.

9) Don;t bother with Wonders.

10) pray for AI to get into a WORLD WAR

I have a game that is save 30 moves back. I might try to finish it again to see if I can win.

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