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  1. Apepis

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    Nov 16, 2007
    I made an updated version of my modmod AltCivics, which changes civic options in the game. It can be downloaded here:

    What it does:

    Major changes:
    - new civic option: Magocracy (+2 free experience, +2 science for specialist, +1 happy with mage guild, medium upkeep)
    - Aristocracy renamed to Feudal Contract, moved up in research tree and significantly empowered (req tech: feudalism, -100% distance maintenance, +1 gold on farms, still able to recruit royal guard, upkeep low)
    - new civic option: Enlightenment (placed in Compassion, an "opposite" to Sacrifice the Weak, available only to Empyrean; +100% GP in cities with state religion, +20% culture, + happy for courthouse and elder council, high upkeep)
    - Republic less annoying (+50% GP rate, +3 happy in largest cities, +20% culture, +1 gold in village, +2 gold in town, medium upkeep)
    - better Foregin Trade (+50% gold from trade routes, +1 free trade route, +10% culture, low upkeep)
    - better balanced Agriculture (+1 health, +1 food in farms, pastures, villages and towns, -1 gold in villages, -2 gold in towns)

    Other modifications:
    - Guilds labor civic made for moneygrubbers (only merchant as unlimited specialist, but +15% gold empirewide)
    - Nationhood giving happiness also for stables and archery ranges
    - Social Order gives some free upkeep units (one in 20 pop points, but still something)
    - Caste System doesn't give unhappiness
  2. woodelf

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    Jun 12, 2003
    Looks interesting. I'll have to try them out.

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