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Another miniature scenario


Jul 12, 2005
I've noticed that many people have been creating scenarios for tiny maps, so I made my own version. It has the following civs:

Egypt and Zululand (African Powers)
America and Inca (American Powers)
China and Japan (Asian Powers)
France and England (European Powers)

The scenario is set in the Middle Ages and has designed (due to turn limit) to only last as far as the Middle Ages. The civs are in locked alliances, and the larger of the two main islands is overrun by barbarians (raging). My main aim was to make this fun to play and original, not to create an extensive hyper-realistic Medieval scenario! As usual I have not edited the default rules. I hope you enjoy the scenario.

One minor issue is the fact that the names of quite a few cities are not displayed since the map is so small, but I don't know how to fix that! :rolleyes:

Feel free to post your opinions.

Edit: I've changed London to a coastal city, Jul 17 2005.


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Here is a screenshot of the editor.


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14 views and no comments? Come on, give me some feedback please!
I've played this mod (as the Zulu) and here's my comments:
Overall, I enjoyed it, though I found the map too cramped for my personal tastes. I had a locked alliance with Egypt, who was my immediate neighbour. As the map's small, I wanted to be able to wage war with Egypt so that I could expand.
I might have preferred it if each civ just started with a settler and one unit, so we could build from there and no locked alliances. However, it was still enjoyable without that.
Thanks for the feedback, R8XFT! :goodjob:

The point of the alliances is to show the world powers on different continents working together to win - there (ideally) should be a struggle to settle on the island with the victory-point location, and also a battle to expand on the larger of the two islands, overrun with barbarians.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it! :)
Its certainly hyper aggresive i will say. Ive played it on Sid was there a recomended level for this to be played on ?

Just a thought. I think the English should of had a coastal city so they could reap the rewards of there seafaring trait.
Thanks for your comments. I'd play it on no more than Regent, personally - the barbarians are raging, and there is a lot of pressure from other civs due to the size of the map. I might change one of the tiles near London to coast to do as you said.
Ok, now I will edit the original download. :)

Edit: Btw, this isn't my best/favourite scenario - try out Peloponnesian War or Union of Italy (I spent more time on them!).
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