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Oct 7, 2014
Georgia, US
'When Aahnacet Calls' (WAC) is a new wave-based defense mod that was first created in 2018. It tries to create a cooperative experience, with multiplayer in mind, between two civilizations and a much larger foe. The primary goal is to survive 10 waves of the enemy's forces. I originally posted this as a beta test in 2020, but now in 2023 after quite a bit of testing, I think the mod is now as good as it's going to be, so I decided I should post it in completed (I also don't see anything in my notes that was remaining to be completed). A lot has happened for me since I created this mod (like graduating college) and I haven't played much civ3 in the last few years when it used to be my main game I'd play all day. But I hope it provides some enjoyment for others.

The empire of Raonas (from my mod, Thelen Epres Mrel) has grown too large and different ideologies have created factions. Two rebellions have since occurred in the empire and the two new kingdoms are on the brink of being quelled. The player(s) will take control of these two new civs and maintain independence from the empire.

The Basics:
Cities are pre-placed with no opportunity to build more, but there is plenty of work to be done. As they are designed to cooperate, it was originally intended to be primarily played as a 2 player multiplayer, but it is playable singleplayer just you have a less cooperative AI teammate. This doesn't mean the AI teammate isn't a necessity to have however. The AI is of course very single-minded, so you have a large part to play in how your AI teammate lives and how much pressure is put on him. It would be in your interest to keep your trade route active in order to trade resources (and also perhaps some AI manipulation :)), which is needed for a variety of reasons like happiness, a victory option, and for ally aid.

Similar concepts are carried over from Nelthelrinae mod like economy, but reinvented. Warfare is also different. There are a variety of siege units and different movement rates for units. Wall units also exist for every city. First, economy is different in that, there are many stackable benefit buildings for gold and in fact, rushing buildings and units are encouraged and probably required. You will have to build the economy up, prepare your tile improvements, and maximize all your benefits early on in the scenario so that they will not only continue to reap yields but to increase those yields as the need increases while you are defending. For warfare, because of the different movement rates, wall units, differences in unit abilities, any defense or attack should be planned or considered because of the different movement rates and difficulty of taking a city. It will take a couple extra turns to get units in their right positions and you'll have to consider your reinforcements and the enemy's reinforcements.

Despite there being no expansion phase, there are plenty of tough choices to make over a series of a small amount of turns. The mod's duration is only 100 turns and it comes with a custom soundtrack as well.

There are a few methods victory:
Prestigious Affinity Victory - basically a 1 wonder space race, but it requires resources from your "friend" located at the end of the tech tree.
Provincial Unity Victory - requires you to retake just 1 city from the empire. This option is here, but I would not recommend you push for this on your first playthrough.
Iron Defense Victory - requires you to just last 100 turns, which also achieves "Unity".
Attrition Victory - requires you to obtain trophies from battle and take them back to your cities.

{Preparation} = [Turns 0-10]
{Rebellion} = [Turns 10-20]
{Claps of War} = [Turn 20-30]
{Clash at Bloody Rock} = [Turns 30-40]
{Tyreneh's Campaign} = [Turns 40-50]
{The Mountain Campaign} = [Turns 50-60]
{Triplestream} = [Turns 60-70]
{Iron Against Terek} = [Turns 70-80]
{Battle of the Kings} = [Turns 80-90]
{The Final Push} = [Turns 90-100]

In this scenario, there are 9 main events and two side ones. The two side events appear after [Clash at Bloody Rock]. One event is called Norin's Landings and this refers to prevalent coastal invasions by the Imperials. The second is called Mercenaries! and refers to foreign, payed, troops launching skirmishes on your borders.

The timing of the events are varied, but should happen within this time frame. However, you will continue to receive enemy troops at any point in the game that are not associated with an event.

Remember to check the labels.txt. The Steam version is active by default, but there is a Disc one in the Text folder.

Also I recommend to turn sound on. There is a custom soundtrack that is over an hour long.

I hope you have fun with this scenario! Maybe soon I'll finally finish a couple others I have been working on for a while.

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Looks very different and interesting from all other scenarios! Thank you for your hard work, I enjoy seeing all these new scenarios being created for Civ3!
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