[GS] Any save games/scenarios for balanced late game play? [Civ VI]


Jun 19, 2022
Hello everyone

I am new to this forum - apologies if this has been posted in the wrong area.

I have about 50 hours on Civ VI but I am finding the late game too easy. I rarely feel like I am having fun and really thinking during the later technological eras. So I get bored and stop playing.

Can anyone point me towards a save game or scenario in Civ VI that:
  1. starts the player fairly late in the game (e.g. Modern Era)

  2. has Civs that fairly well developed in terms of cities, armies, buildings, etc (I don't want to have to start a new game with a single settler and a military unit)

  3. has various Civs that are equally balanced in terms of the number of cities, military size, etc (e.g. no Giant Death Robot vs Musketeer combat)

To give you a sense of what I am thinking about, I have taken the following screenshots from the in-game benchmark. This is what I am hoping the world will look like eventually.

Any links/pointers on where I can locate this would be more than appreciated.

Thank you!!! :)


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