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App Store Version and Console

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Macintosh' started by docbud, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. docbud

    docbud Chieftain

    Feb 14, 2012
    To anyone playing the Apple Store version and have OS Sierra:

    Any issue with the console suddenly popping up while trying play Civ VI or Civ V?

    It actually started last night when I was getting "messages" that were just plain weird in the corner of my screen. One of the ones tonight simply said "move up."

    Following is a sample from the console log (yeah--my name on the App store is "private":

    default 18:56:02.806481 -0400 Console [0x7fb0250d8e00] Created session
    default 18:56:02.806700 -0400 Console [0x7fb0250d8e00] Decoding: C0 0x002A0027 0x0006354A 0x11111100 0x00000000 766
    default 18:56:02.806719 -0400 Console [0x7fb0250d8e00] Options: 42x39 [FFFFFFFF,FFFFFFFF] 0001D060
    default 18:56:02.806755 -0400 Console [0x7fb0250d8e00] Decoding completed without errors
    default 18:56:02.806891 -0400 Console [0x7fb0250d8e00] Releasing session
    default 18:56:02.947165 -0400 opendirectoryd initiating reconnect of module connection
    default 18:56:02.947385 -0400 opendirectoryd queuing request to connection - '<private>'
    default 18:56:02.947547 -0400 opendirectoryd queuing request to connection - '<private>'
    halfway through:
    default 18:56:05.113731 -0400 assistantd Establish Object : 0x7f9cfa8c5318 .Task : 0x7f9cfa8d4600
    default 18:56:05.113785 -0400 assistantd StreamTask opening connection
    error 18:56:05.113819 -0400 assistantd tcp_connection_set_fallback_fast tcp_connection_set_fallback_fast is deprecated
    default 18:56:05.113842 -0400 assistantd Establish Object : 0x7f9cfa8c5318 .Task : 0x7f9cfa8d4600
    default 18:56:05.119012 -0400 assistantd TIC TCP Conn Start [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]
    default 18:56:05.226290 -0400 assistantd TIC TCP Conn Event [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]: 1 Err(0)
    default 18:56:05.226308 -0400 assistantd TIC TCP Conn Connected [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]: Err(0)
    default 18:56:05.226375 -0400 assistantd TIC Enabling TLS [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]
    default 18:56:05.311710 -0400 assistantd TIC TLS Event [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]: 2, Pending(0)
    default 18:56:05.311963 -0400 assistantd TIC TLS Event [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]: 11, Pending(0)
    default 18:56:05.312189 -0400 assistantd TIC TLS Event [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]: 14, Pending(0)
    default 18:56:05.312257 -0400 assistantd TIC TLS Trust Result [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]: 0
    default 18:56:05.400827 -0400 assistantd TIC TLS Event [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]: 20, Pending(0)
    default 18:56:05.401174 -0400 assistantd TIC TCP Conn Event [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]: 8 Err(0)
    default 18:56:05.401188 -0400 assistantd TIC TLS Handshake Complete [7:0x7f9cf874a4d0]
    default 18:56:05.401233 -0400 assistantd Establish Object : 0x7f9cfa8c5318 .Task : 0x7f9cfa8d4600
    default 18:56:05.497545 -0400 secd SecDbBeginTransaction kSecDbExclusiveTransactionType 0x7fe364f00e30
    default 18:56:05.497786 -0400 secd SecDbEndTransaction kSecDbTransactionDidRollback 0x7fe364f00e30
    default 18:56:05.507901 -0400 assistantd 0x7f9cfa8b2fe0 opened /var/folders/dp/c5mxx0n162n84dm60f2m_97w0000gn/C/assistantd//mds/mdsObject.db: 4636 bytes
    default 18:56:05.509002 -0400 assistantd 0x7f9cf86c0470 opened /var/folders/dp/c5mxx0n162n84dm60f2m_97w0000gn/C/assistantd//mds/mdsDirectory.db: 50744 bytes
    default 18:56:05.510784 -0400 assistantd 0x7f9cf87854f0 opened /Users/dwayne/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db: 505472 bytes
    default 18:56:05.514508 -0400 assistantd copying old ACL
    default 18:56:05.514809 -0400 securityd
    EDIT TO ADD: Got these two messages (just appeared briefly so I could not take a screenshot):

    move up
    delete that

    EDIT EDIT: Yes I have contacted apple.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2017

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